Release Notes, Week 179

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Release Notes 179 - Syncspider

Hello, SyncSpiders!

Get ready for an exciting update! But first, let’s dive into a fascinating snippet of the digital marketplace. Picture this: in the 2022/23 period, the European e-commerce scene exploded to a staggering 94 billion euros in value. What’s more, it’s carved out a 12.3% slice of the entire European e-commerce pie, with predictions of a 14% growth on the horizon.

And here’s a trend to watch: Second-hand shopping is sweeping across Europe, reshaping our shopping habits.

Now, let’s pivot to the heart of today’s excitement – the latest enhancements in the world of SyncSpider. We’ve been busy bees enhancing features across XML, Shopware 6, XOM, Lightspeed, and WeClapp, and we’ve not forgotten the core updates to SyncSpider itself.

Dive in and discover all the new features we’ve spun into our web!

Improved integrations

Shopware 6

We fixed the issue causing API warnings about undefined data for Shopware 6 users. But that’s not all. We made improvements to our Shopware 6 integration with two custom entities:

  • The Custom field entity with translation support.
  • The Properties entity that has translation support + custom support for specific UID logic with code.

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We fixed the issue with XOM integration where the Product schema could not be loaded.

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For Lightspeed users, we fixed the “Token has expired” problem. Everything’s working as expected now.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • XML users experiencing issues with URLs not being generated to the XML destination config page will be happy to know that we improved the system, and it is now functioning.
  • We fixed the bug causing issues with an increasing number of operations
  • We fixed the problem with tasks being run more often than scheduled.
  • We fixed the issue that was preventing the scheduled task from being triggered.

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