Release Notes, Week 177

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Release Notes 177


A recent Forbes article, dated January 17th, highlighted that the 2024 forecasts for the eCommerce sector are somewhat predictable, closely mirroring trends from the previous year.

Anticipate a continued rise in AR-enhanced shopping experiences, the use of Blockchain for greater supply chain clarity, tailored loyalty schemes, a push towards eco-conscious eCommerce, increasingly personalized subscription services, and enhanced security and privacy protocols.

If your business has already adapted to these trends last year, you’re moving in the right direction. If not, now is the time to embrace these changes.

In terms of updates, we’ve recently ironed out bugs and enhanced our system compatibility with Odoo, Shopify, and WeClapp.

Remember, success is a journey of continual learning and growth.

Improved integrations


For Odoo users, we’ve solved the bug related to data not being sent to Odoo from CSV.

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We adjusted the system to Shopify’s API changes.

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For WeClapp users, we improved the Get Quotation entity by adding an option for PDF.

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