Release Notes, Week 176

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Release Notes 176

Hello SyncSpiders,

We’re thrilled to step into 2024 with you, filled with enthusiasm and ambitious plans! It’s a moment of pride for us as we kick off this new year, having achieved a remarkable milestone of 9 million task runs!

9mil task runs - Syncspider

Wondering what Task Runs are? Simply put, they are tasks that have been executed, regardless of whether they were scheduled, event-triggered, or manually initiated.

This is indeed big news! It signifies that 9 million orders, shipments, customer interactions, payments, and items have been seamlessly synced, automated, and executed. This is a substantial achievement, and we’re excited to see your business thrive even more in 2024. Let’s aim for 12 million next!

Now, let’s dive into the latest updates from our development team over the past week.

We’re kicking off the New Year with some exciting new integrations!

First up, we have fantastic news for all XOM users seeking the ideal product integration tool. We’re delighted to announce that XOM has now been added to our list of integrations, ensuring a smoother integration and automation experience.

Our second new integration is with 1000PS, a leading motorcycle website and brand in German-speaking regions. You can now effortlessly integrate 1000PS with other websites where your listings appear.

But that’s not all. We’ve also implemented several bug fixes and enhancements in DataHub to streamline your integration and automation processes further.

Here’s to a productive and successful 2024!

New Integrations


XOM is a versatile REST API platform, offering seamless integration and data exchange solutions for businesses seeking efficient digital connectivity

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1000PS is a leading online hub for motorcycle enthusiasts, providing comprehensive resources, from bike reviews to a marketplace for gear and motorcycles.

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Data Hub updates

  • We resolved the bug causing the issues with updating items
  • We also fixed the bug causing issues with cloning the tasks
  • We fixed the lookup issue with collections

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