Release Notes, Week 169

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Release Notes 169

Hi there, SyncSpiders!

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are getting close, let’s start this Release Note with some stats before we dig into the late updates from our development team.

In 2022, the combined revenue from Black Friday and Cyber Monday reached $9.12 billion, marking a 2.3% increase compared to 2021. Furthermore, data from Shopify retailers revealed that the average order value during the Black Friday/Cyber Week period was $102.10.

We look forward to seeing your system geared up for this year’s upcoming sales season!

And as for the updates, the star of the week is Prestashop, with two new Product features. From now on, you can choose right from your mapping screen when setting Prestashop as the destination for the Product entity whether you want to update prices and quantity.

06 graph - release notes week 169

This improvement saves you much time since you don’t have to do it on another mapping screen.

The next important improvements are regarding our DataHub users.

The first one is the option for action regarding the existing items. You have three options when configuring DataHub.

05 graph - release notes week 169

After choosing the Entity and the action, you can choose what you want the system to do with the existing items:

  • Do nothing – obviously, if you choose that option, there will be no changes.
  • Delete all – Delete all items from the selected Entity before sending items.
  • Delta Reconciliation – Delete all items that have not been updated or created in the following task execution, essentially those that are absent from the source feed.

04 graph - release notes week 169

The second update is related to the filtering data within the DataHub on the same Configuration page.

03 graph - release notes week 169

You can now use the Item Auto Matcher to set the Matching Options (“Use first matched,” “Skip if more than one”) and Matching Condition (“or,” “and”) and finally set the parameters for matching (you can now use email or user name and not just UID)

02 graph - release notes week 169

01 graph - release notes week 169

And no, that’s not all our development team did last week. We have bug fixes and minor updates to the existing integrations: ITscope, CSV, PrestaShop, Etsy, and SyncSpider core updates.

Improved integrations


For ITscope users, we improved the integration by adding the Net Weight option to the schema.

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Custom CSV

CSV users will now have the option to zip their files and send them to the destination in zip format.

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We fixed the PrestaShop bug causing issues with the Shipping Costs not being added.

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We fixed the bug causing issues for Etsy users with configuration categories when Etsy is set as the destination.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the issue with Configure Concatenated Custom Field
  • We fixed the issue with the Log Files that couldn’t be downloaded

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