Release Notes, Week 166

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Release Notes week 166

Hi there, SyncSpiders!

We’ve been busy last week, and here’s what you can expect:

  1. Spotlight on ITscope one more time
  2. Odoo improvements
  3. New Value Manipulator
  4. Bunch of bug fixes and improvements for the integrations on our list

So, the primary thing that has been changed regarding ITscope is that we now support both Standard and Developer formats.

Itscope - syncspider image 1

But that’s not all! Hold on tight because we have some big improvements for ITscope users – We’re introducing more flexible configurations for handling orders, particularly in defining and managing different types of buyer companies and the agreements associated with them. There’s also a new feature to help identify these companies in the system for order processing.
Itscope - syncspider image 2
So, what did we do?

  1. Destination Configuration for Orders: The main work has been done on configuring how orders are processed or directed. These might be settings or parameters that determine how an order behaves or is managed in the system.
  2. Defining Buyer Companies: Within the system, there are now capabilities to classify or identify different types of buyer companies.
  • Some buyer companies are already registered in ITScope and have an agreement known as the “Customer Account Agreement.”
  • There are also companies that aren’t registered in this way on ITScope.
  1. Custom Customer Agreements: A new functionality has been introduced, allowing companies to create custom agreements. So, if two companies wanted to establish a specific business relationship or deal, they could now craft their custom agreement in the system.
  2. Mapping and Identification: Once these companies are added or defined in the system, they will be provided with specific identification tags or markers (like “Buyer Specific. Buyer ID” and “Order Parties Reference. Buyer IDREF”). This might be essential for ensuring that orders from these companies are processed correctly or for other administrative or management functions within the system.

Okay, now Odoo’s improvement for this week is that we’ve introduced a Modified shipping price option.
odoo - syncspider image 1
And, as for our system updates, we’re very proud of our new Value Manipulation Field, which will ease the value manipulation. How? Well, from now on, you can extract any value (even from a JSON file) and transform it into the format you need. It makes work much more manageable, doesn’t it?
Huh, that’s a lot for one week. But hey, there’s more! Besides these significant improvements, we had time to fix some bugs for Freshsales, WooCommerce, ITscope, Mollie,, Float, Amazon, and weekly SyncSpider updates.

Let’s check them out!

Improved integrations


For Freshsales users, we fixed the bug causing issues with executing tasks.

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We solved the problem with image validation that some WooCommerce users experienced.

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We fixed the issue with activating tasks from the SyncSpider button on ITscope. And that’s not all. We also enabled new attributes for the Product entity.

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For Mollie users, we introduced the incremental import for list payments.

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For users, we did some log improvements.

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We fixed the issue of adding phases after creating a project for Float users.

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Amazon Seller Central

For Amazon users, we have valuable improvement: we added two additional fields (that are supported by Amazon)

  • min price
  • max price

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SyncSpider core updates

  • Fixed API Error when executing tasks
  •  We fixed the issue with the error occurring when signing up

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