Release Notes, Week 163

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Release Notes 163

Hey there, SyncSpiders of the eCommerce Web!

Riding the eWaves smoothly or feeling a tad tangled? Sometimes, change is the only constant in our dynamic digital landscape. Here’s a spicy byte for you: Over the past year, a whopping 99% of European netizens transformed their online shopping habits!

Meanwhile, 98% of them are scouting products on social platforms. If your social antennas aren’t buzzing with integration yet, it might just be your golden moment to weave them in!

And guess what? For our trailblazing business expanders, our tech wizards have been conjuring up fixes and enhancements this week, notably for FreshSales, Odoo, CS-Cart, FreshDesk, Gmail, and some electrifying core updates for SyncSpider.

Dive in!

Improved integrations


FreshSales users will no longer experience issues exporting items after the first 100. We improved the integration with sequential import, and from now on, the users will be able to export all the items without task breaks.

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We fixed the issues with updating the stock quantity for Odoo users.

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For CS-Cart users, we’ve solved the problem with the incremental import bug.

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We’ve solved the issue of missing some contacts when importing contacts from FreshDesk to the custom API integration.

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We fixed the issue generating an error when trying to integrate Gmail.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the bug causing Error 500 when choosing the Configure Copy custom field.
  • We fixed issues some users experienced with using custom integrations.
  • We set the problem with a Server error popup when logging in.
  • We selected the issue with invites.
  • We solved the issue regarding triggers some custom integrations users might have experienced.
  • We fixed the problem with templates not being able to load

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