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Release Notes week 162 - syncspider

Hello, SyncSpiders!

Dive into this Release Note with a fresh buzz from the eCommerce world. Did you catch wind of eBay’s latest venture, eBay Lokal, in Germany? Here’s the gist: Commercial sellers get a visibility boost, allowing local online shoppers to discover them with ease.

Not clear yet? Picture this: traditional brick-and-mortar stores are back on the radar but with a digital edge. They’ll now shine on eBay, and buyers can filter their choices based on local availability.

To sweeten the pot, eBay plans to roll out a map-based browsing trial soon. This means users can pinpoint exactly where items are located in their vicinity.

In essence, retailers operating physical stores can lure in more footfalls via eBay Lokal and also revel in the perks of cross-selling and up-selling tied to online orders with local pickups.

Interesting, right? We foresee this trend picking up steam. Now, as per tradition, we’ll segue into our weekly rundown of updates, spotlighting Amazon, Freshdesk, Shopware 6, Shopify, and, of course, SyncSpider core enhancements.


Improved integrations:


We made some improvements regarding shipping costs when Amazon was set as a source.

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We improved the system to be able to handle API limits on Freshdesk integration so that it doesn’t affect task execution.

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Shopware 6

For Shopware 6 users, we resolved a bug causing issues sending orders to ITscope and some issues with the wrong payment and shipping method status.

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We fixed the problem some users experienced with sending products from Shopify, facing a problem with the error message “Product UID not defined.”

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the issue with XML module files in folder
  • We added an option for XML files to be deleted after being processed
  • We added the options for XML files “move” and “move and re-name”
  • We fixed the issue with logging in with Google and Facebook
  • We fixed the problem with some Source screens getting stuck
  • We solved the problem with XML file validation
  • We fixed the issue with the “Copy Custom Field” option
  • We resolved the problem with the infinite loop, and the email notification “failed to execute fully”
  • We fixed the issue with invoices not being visible.

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