Release Notes, Week 158

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Release Notes, week 158

Greetings, SyncSpiders!

Ever wondered why a whopping 70% of online shoppers just leave their carts hanging without checking out? It’s a staggering statistic. Picture this: for every 10 items in online carts, 7 never see the light of day.

But all is not lost. You can nudge your shoppers with reminders about their abandoned treasures, tantalize them with similar product suggestions, or streamline your checkout process for an effortless experience. However, the magic lies in seamlessly integrating specific apps into your eCommerce store.


And, drumroll, please… We’re always thrilled to share enhancements that streamline your eCommerce operations, and today, we’re dropping not one but TWO integrations!

First up, a familiar face with a brand-new flair. Remember Sendinblue? Now rebranded and revamped as Brevo. It’s like meeting an old friend who just got a snazzy makeover! So, while you’re still interacting with the tool you loved, it now boasts improved features, earning a spot in our fresh integrations.

Next in line, we’re ecstatic to introduce Big Cartel! Tailored for the artistically inclined, it empowers artists, crafters, and independent creators to showcase and sell their masterpieces online. Attention artists: Brace yourselves for a game-changer. Connect your Big Cartel store with the 400+ integrations we offer and elevate your eCommerce journey sans the hassle.


So, SyncSpiders, are you ready to weave a web of success? Reach out to our integration maestros, and let’s kickstart your integration and automation odyssey.

To a thriving business and beyond!

New Integrations


Brevo – Meet the reimagined Sendinblue! Brevo comes with a fresh identity but retains its core essence, now offering enhanced features to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

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Big Cartel

Big Cartel – Specifically crafted for independent artists and creators, Big Cartel is your go-to platform for setting up a personalized online store, now seamlessly integrating with our extensive ecosystem.

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