Release Notes, Week 154

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Hello, SyncSpiders community!

As we sail into the hot summer season, we’re taking a moment to dial down the hustle and bustle, but don’t be mistaken; we still have a bag full of exciting updates to unwrap!

Did you know that Shopify powers over a million businesses worldwide, covering many industries? An interesting trivia, right? With that in mind, let’s dive into our first major update: Shopify. Recognizing the immense potential it offers, we enhanced Shopify integration for our users, enabling you to categorize your products into a multitude of collections effectively.

Imagine selling shoes and being able to tag them across various collections such as summer, leather, high-heels, and more – now that’s smart product placement!

Syncspider screenshot 3 - Relaese notes 154

Syncspider screenshot 2 - Relaese notes 154

Syncspider screenshot 1 - Relaese notes 154

And the update wave doesn’t stop at Shopify. We’re also enhancing Magento 2, Khaos, Whatconverts, Odoo, and Google Shopping Content, augmenting your eCommerce experience in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Last but not least, the heart of our platform – the SyncSpider core updates – designed to make your online business even more efficient and effortless.

More goodies are on the way. Happy selling, folks!

Improved integrations

Magento 2

For Magento 2 users,

  • We enabled the option to select the product category by ID through categoryid as an attribute on the destination schema
  • Resolved an issue with an error showing up when using dropdown attributes
  • Fixed a bug causing issues when multiple store IDs are selected for syncing

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Khaos Control

For Khaos integration users, we fixed the bug causing Authorization Error.

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We also fixed the bug causing a warning message for Whatconverts users.

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For Odoo users, we fixed the bug causing SKU to be empty when exporting data to CSV.

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Google Shopping Content

If you use Google Shopping Content, you’ll be happy to know that we enabled batch processing for this integration.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the issues with concentrated fields/collection fields (column separator)

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