Release Notes, Week 152

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Release Notes week 152

Hi, there, SyncSpiders!

As we wrap up two weeks of dedicated coding at SyncSpider, we hope your latter half of June has been just as vibrant and full of activity. In light of this, we’re initiating our Release Note with a notable update concerning an eCommerce pioneer – the ever-active global e-commerce titan.

In case you missed it, the world was abuzz the last two weeks as Amazon unveiled its state-of-the-art East Coast headquarters in Northern Virginia. Their journey of transforming from a simple online bookstore into a world-leading conglomerate continues to inspire all of us to innovate and evolve relentlessly.

Now, in the spirit of innovations, we made some improvements for PrestaShop users, enabling the Product incremental import option. Can’t stress enough how time and money-saving this feature is.


Furthermore, we have some great news for Odoo users – We updated the Delivery source entity, and from now on, our users will be able to export invoices within the Deliveries. Invoices can be found under the Order field in the schema.


And lastly, we upgraded our Ecwid integration. From now on, besides already existing predefined statuses for Fulfillment and Payment, the users can now add up to 3 new custom statuses for both.


You can find this functionality under the Destination Configuration, and once you create your custom statuses, they’ll show up within the status list.



So, besides Prestashop and Odoo, we made a bunch of bug-fixing and integration improvements related to Shopify, Custom CSV, Shopware6, Ecwid, Pipedrive, Campaign Monitor, Etsy, Facebook, SevDesk, ITscope, and SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out!


Improved integrations


We improved the integration for Shopify users:

  • Added the Collections to the Product Entity Source
  • Enabled fetching image variants
  • Removed the delivery_category field from the Order shipping lines

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Custom CSV

We resolved a bug causing problems with Custom CSV files, showing an Error when processing.

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For Shopware6 users, we enabled the creation of customer groups dynamically.

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We solved the bug causing hierarchy errors for some Ecwid users.

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Pipedrive users will be happy to hear there have been some improvements! The integration has two new cursor-paginated GET endpoints for (a) Activities and (b) Deals API.

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Campaign Monitor

We’ve upgraded our API for the Campaign Monitor integration from 3.2 to 3.3.

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Etsy integration is now available to connect via Open API v3.

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We resolved a bug causing issues with login and integration for our Facebook users.

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SevDesk users that were experiencing issues with an error showing up when using Create Part will be happy to know we fixed the bug.

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For ITscope users, we fixed the bug causing issues with exporting items.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We resolved a bug causing issues with the Premium Custom Field – Categories
  • We simplified the registration process by removing the last step.
  • We fixed the bug causing problems with Webhooks and external API schema updates
  • We’ve solved the issue with the wrong description on the Custom Field – Collection filter.

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