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Release Notes 150

Greetings Spiderlings,

Think of us as the Ghostbusters of e-commerce integration, as this week, we’ve been on a bug-busting spree to streamline your SyncSpider experience! But even as we’ve been busting bugs, we haven’t neglected the pursuit of new enhancements to your experience.

We’re thrilled to announce a significant efficiency improvement in our product transmission strategy. Instead of sending product by product to Shopware6, we’ve embraced the ‘bulk’ method, sending a bountiful batch of products all at once. This change isn’t just about increasing speed – it’s about optimizing our systems to work smarter, not harder.

So, not only are we saving computational resources, but we’re also ensuring your updates happen as swiftly as a spider scurries across its web. Here’s to a faster, smoother, and more efficient SyncSpider experience!

Now, let’s get back to bug-fixing. Just like house cleaning, we believe in taking care of the small things that could potentially cause more significant problems. From Amazon and Prestashop to Lightspeed and our own core functionalities, we’ve strapped on our metaphorical proton packs and swept through the system to rid it of those pesky bugs.

Thanks for being part of our e-commerce ecosystem. We remain dedicated to improving your experience, one bug at a time. Stay tuned for more updates from your friendly neighborhood SyncSpider team.


Improved integrations



We resolved a bug causing issues with Amazon tasks getting stuck.

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We fixed the issue with a minimum quantity after the task run with Prestashop.

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Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

Lightspeed users with issues with tasks breaking at the start will be happy to know we solved the problem.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We’ve fixed the issues with email notifications regarding task statuses, so you won’t miss any more updates about whether your tasks have failed or succeeded.
  • And we squashed that bug, causing Task ownership issues.

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