Release Notes, Week 148

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Syncspider Release Notes 148

Hello, SyncSpiders!

We’re back with our weekly updates and bug fixes! But before diving into the details, we have exciting news for our ITscope and Lightspeed eCommerce users!

We’ve enabled a new entity for ITscope users – now you can export Orders from SyncSpider and create them directly in ITscope! To clarify, you might notice a “New Deals” entity on your ITscope account – it’s the same as Orders. So when you choose ITscope as your export destination, this is where your orders will go.

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We’ve introduced a Product incremental import option for our Lightspeed eCommerce users. This allows you to update only new products on your product list, saving you valuable time and resources. The best part? You don’t have to do this manually. Simply select this option, and SyncSpider will handle it for you!

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Sooo, besides ITscope and Lightspeed eCommerce improvements, what else do we have for you? We have fixed issues and improved Shopify, QuickBooks, Billbee, CS-Cart, and SyncSpider core updates.

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Improved integrations



For Shopify users, we fixed the bug causing issues with the location.

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Quick books


We fixed the bug for QuickBooks users that was causing problems with the Token and displaying an Error.

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For Billbee users, we fixed the bug causing the Rate limits to malfunction.

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CS Cart


We fixed the bug CS-Cart users experienced, causing incorrect orders to be sent when CS-Cart is selected as the source.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed an issue some users experienced with returning Prices inside Offerings collections.


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