Release Notes, Week 146

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Syncspider - release notes, week 146

Hi, there, SyncSpiders!

This week’s stars are WooCommerce & Shopware 6 integrations with new entities!

Let’s start with WooCommerce! Coupons in WooCommerce are a way to offer discounts or other promotions to customers when they make purchases on your website. And if you want to export or import coupons to or from your WooCommerce store, now you can do that with SyncSpider through a new entity – Coupons.
As you can see, you can set WooCommerce as a target or a source, depending on whether you want to import or export coupons.

Shopware 6 has 3 new entities. From now on, if set as a target destination, you’ll be able to import to Shopware 6:

  1. Bulk Product Updates
  2. Product Text Fields Translations
  3. Translation (Property Group Options & Custom Fields)

What are Bulk operations? What does choosing this entity, Bulk Product Updates, mean when creating a task? The Bulk Product Update entity is a feature that allows us to update multiple products at once instead of having to update them one by one.

This feature helps speed up the process of updating products, as it eliminates the need to make the same changes repeatedly for each product individually.

For example, if we need to update the price or description of a large number of products, using the bulk product update entity will enable us to make the changes for all of the products in a single action rather than having to update each product separately, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

In addition, the bulk product update entity has a limit of 25 to 1000 products that can be updated at once, meaning you can select the number of products to be updated based on your specific needs.


This flexibility makes it easier to manage and update product information efficiently, which can help to improve your productivity and save time.

You can bulk update your products’ Price and Quantity information, set Price rules, enable/disable Active status, and add the specific Tier prices if desired.

As for translation fields, let us remind you that we currently support English and German translation.

What else is new? We did some bug fixes and updates for integrations on our list. Besides Shopware 6 and WooCommerce, we did some improvements on Etsy and SyncSpider core updates last week.

Check them all out!


Improved Integrations



For Etsy users, we resolved a bug causing issues with creating Contacts and Opportunities when Etsy is set as a source.

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We fixed the bug bothering WooCommerce users about configuring mapping templates with custom fields.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the bug causing issues with values (invalid value retrieved) when attributes are defined with the same name
  • We fixed the bug causing problems with mapping templates resulting in some fields staying unmapped.


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