Release Notes, Week 141

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Release Notes 141

Hello SyncSpider Enthusiasts!

Are you excited to learn about our latest OpenAI integration update? You’ve come to the right place! We have some fantastic news that will make your eCommerce business even more efficient and productive.

You’re already familiar with our powerful OpenAI integration, featuring three amazing functions:

  1. Translate
  2. Re-phrase
  3. Describe

But we didn’t stop there… Today, we’re thrilled to announce a brand-new function for our users!

Introducing: Question-Based AI Responses!

What is it, and how does it work? With this new function, you can now use OpenAI to generate answers based on specific questions and provided variables.

Here’s an example to demonstrate the power of SyncSpider’s OpenAI integration. Imagine you want to offer your WooCommerce website visitors the opportunity to vote for an item that will go on sale next week. You’re targeting a German-speaking audience to make things more interesting, but your native language is English.

Here’s how SyncSpider’s OpenAI integration can work its magic for you:

By leveraging our advanced analytics, you can identify the product page with the highest visitor traffic. Then, simply “pop the question” on that page to maximize engagement and gather valuable input from your target audience. All of this is made possible with the seamless integration of OpenAI into your eCommerce platform.

Step 1: Create task – Insert all variables, and include the question with a specific product description, and don’t forget to choose the language.

Release Notes 141 - step-1

Step 2: Mapping process

Release Notes 141 - step-2

Step 3: Result inside the shop backend:

Release Notes 141 - step-3

The result:

Release Notes 141 - step-3

Just imagine the countless applications and ways it can accelerate your business analysis! The potential is truly limitless.

Ready to unleash the power of this new feature and supercharge your eCommerce business? Don’t hesitate to contact our integration experts and explore the benefits of SyncSpider today!

And no, that’s not all! For all Odoo users, we have some great news! We have improved the integration with the following:

– Added option for Order destination entity to choose Order Line UID -> you are now able to select from a fields dropdown a field that you will match products for your Order lines

Release Notes 141 - 22
– Added Sales Person and Sales team fields to the schema for Order destination entity
Release Notes 141 - 23
– Added Extra Prices for a Product source entity
Release Notes 141 - 11
Release Notes 141 - 24


Besides these two fabulous improvements, OpenAI & Odoo, we did a few bug fixes related to ITscope, CSV, and FreshDesk, and did regular SyncSpider core updates.

Check it all out!


Improved Integrations



ITscope users will be happy to know that we solved the issues related to the Product Update and Quantity Update.

View more


Custom CSV

Custom CSV

For CSV users, we fixed the bug causing Product and Price to fail sometimes.

View more




We solved the pagination issue for FreshDesk users, which was not working correctly for companies.

View more


SyncSpider core updates

  • We fixed the issue with the conditional field showing the “Otherwise” value.


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