Release Notes, Week 129

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Release Notes 129-1

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!


We’re starting with a new feature that will enable our users smoothly filter their collections with various attributes. You can now filter collections by any attribute without fear of losing data on any item from collections, regardless of whether they have or not this specific attribute.

We’re proud to present the New Custom Field – Collection Filter.

image (113)

image (114)

image (115)

And no, that’s not all. We’ve also created Value Manipulation Field – Merge Multiple Value Field that allows you to merge multiple value fields into one.

image (117)

This week we made some changes and improvements on DragDropr and FreshDesk, and we have weekly SyncSpider core updates.

Improved Integrations



For DragDropr users, we:

  • we fixed the issue with the Shopify integration
  • we fixed the issue with the Facebook integration
  • we added mandatory Shopify webhooks

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For FreshDesk users we:

  • We fixed the bug related to custom fields causing issues when updating contacts
  • We updated the FreshDesk configuration and the New merge function

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SyncSpider core updates:

  • We added the option to pull Google Sheets from a public link
  • We improved Module Specification Field
  • We fixed the bug causing issues for some sub-company users when logging in with API
  • We fixed the bug that might have been causing some issues with the Split custom field


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