Release Notes, Week 124

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Hi there, SyncSpiders!


The holidays are getting close; we’re almost near the end of the year! Are you ready to turn the page and bravely step into 2023? If you have any plans related to eCommerce, such as opening a Shopify store or building your website or a marketplace, we’re here to help you achieve your dream.

So, what did we do during the previous week? Let’s see!

First of all, great news for all CSV users. We have one more function for CSV files that provides a new, easier way to set CSV templates – Extendable Custom CSV.



Secondly, we’ve improved options within Custom Fields by adding the Inverse option values. For example, this option is helpful if you want to send data based on the brand name. You can choose whether you’re going to send data based on the key or labels, set values (1 => Nike; 2 => Puma, etc.), and your list is ready!


nike puma etc

nike puma etc 2


The third change is again related to Custom Fields. You can copy any custom field and implement it within your new task.

copy any custom field

Finally, we have improved the Mapping template with

  • init popup
  • create popup
  • update popup

These new functions are on the task list and the mapping screen.

init popup

create popup

update popup


Is that all? Nope, more improvements and updates for Shopify and Ecwid, and tons of SyncSpider core updates!


Check it all out!



Improved Integrations



For Shopify users,

  • we fixed the bug causing the task fails if the location is not set.
  • we updated Meta field manager to support definition types

View more



Ecwid users will be happy to know that we added the incremental import of products in the source settings.

View more


SyncSpider core updates:

  • We improved the post-registration process with the phone number validation
  • We changed the system so that you’re not able to delete contacts while the tasks are in progress (running).
  • We improved the system with email notifications
  • We improved the system with the Date time picker
  • We improved the Admin Settings page with two new tabs
  • We improved the Task execution history list
  • We improved the Admin Dashboard with new endpoints
  • We fixed the issue regarding pulling the Template schema generated from the JSON file
  • We fixed the bug that was not allowing users to change the URL
  • We fixed the bug with the Cancel subscription button
  • We resolved an issue that some users had with their accounts being temporarily disabled due to canceling subscriptions or renewal plan status.
  • We fixed the bug causing the 500 error and disabling the summary of the Total tasks
  • We fixed the bug related to the Size converter field, not being able to show all the values
  • We added the option “nothing” within the Value manipulation “replace” function.


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