Release Notes, Week 110

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Release Notes, Week 110

Hi there, SyncSpiders

It started to rain, and as you might know (if you’re subscribed to our Newsletter), rain is actually beneficial for eCommerce. Yeah, statistics show that buyers tend to shop online more when it rains ????⛈️☔

So, what we did is that we’ve improved our existing Mapping Templates. We’ve expanded the filtering options, and now you have more columns.

Now, take your umbrella, and let’s go through the updates we’ve had during the previous week. We’ve improved Tradedoubler, WebHooks, Check24, Pipedrive, Custom CSV, Magento 1, and many SyncSpider core updates!

Check them all out! ???? ???? ????

Improved Integrations

Improved Integrations


For Tradedoubler users, we’ve fixed the bug related to column names when Tradedoubler is used as a source.


WebHooks users will be glad to know that we’ve fixed the bug related to exporting data issues when WebHooks is used as a source with WeClapp as the destination.


We’ve improved Check24, related to source configuration with one radio button; Move order to process.


For Pipedrive users, we’ve improved the integration with additional entities.

Custom CSV

We’ve improved the Custom CSV integration when used as a target, with sequential numbering of the file names.

Magento 1

Apparently, we had full hands with Magento 1 integration, which had several bugs solved last week which are related to epic design labels

  • Error while getting a source configuration
  • Error Zero items exported when BigCommerce is used as the destination
  • 401 Error message displaying that the consumer secret is not valid

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider core updates

  • We’ve fixed the bug related to webhooks with external API SQL timeout when generating a schema.
  • We’ve fixed the bug related to core mapping. So, those experiencing issues with mapping collections with the Take All function, but only the first value was taken, will not have that problem anymore; we’ve solved it!
  • We’ve fixed the bug related to the Request Panel, which was not changing the Minimal Interval when modifying it through the Request Panel.
  • We’ve resolved the bug related to the Undefined property issue.
  • We’ve updated the external API Importer to preview limit to just one call.

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