Release Notes, Week 109

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Release Notes, Week 109

Hi there, SyncSpiders!

What do you do when it’s +35 outside ????️, and you don’t know how to cool your brain? Well, you can always do some online shopping! ????????️

And we hope that your eCommerce shop is doing great this summer. Actually, we know it does, especially if you sell beach towels, unisex sleeveless tank tops, and flip flops since they seem to be the top three selling products this summer. ????️????⛱️

Now for all of you, regardless of the type of products you’re selling online, we prepared regular (but this time boiling) updates and upgrades.

We improved Sevdesk, Shopify, Magento 1, WeClapp, and Shopware 6.

Yes, that’s it for the holiday season. Check them all out! ????????????

Improved Integrations

Improved Integrations


Sevdesk integration users can now add an email and a phone number when creating or updating contacts.


Shopify users will be happy to know they can use barcodes as the mapping key. Furthermore, whenever a change happens on the Shopify product list, they have the option to send a new inventory level to the product variants on other sales channels they use.

Magento 1

If you’re using Magento 1, you’ll be happy to know we fixed the bug related to an error appearing while getting a source configuration.


For WeClapp users, we resolved a bug resulting in a 400 Bad Request response.

Shopware 6

Shopware 6 users will notice we have improved the integration, and they can now use the automatic parent product feature.

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