Release Notes, Week 107

Hi there, SyncSpiders!

Are you ready for something spectacular? Well, you’ll have to wait until the end of the holiday season for that. For now, you’ll have just regular SyncSpider updates. And since it’s a longer list, let’s start immediately.

We improved PipeDrive, Shopware 6, Amazon, Shopify, ThriveCart, CustomCSV, Pipedrive, CS-Cart, WeClapp, WooCommerce, and weekly SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out! 👇👇👇

Shopware 6

For Shopware 6 users, we improved bulk product updates.


Amazon users will notice we fixed an issue with products update and duplicating countries on order import.


For new Shopify users who want to use SyncSpider, we improved UI so that connecting APIs run intuitively.


With ThriveCart, we fixed issues with wrong information displayed with the task running.

CSV files

We fixed an issue with CSV files when updated by the UID feature
SyncSpider core updates


For Pipedrive users, we improved the integration process by adding free fields.

We’ve double-checked the integration from our end to prevent eventual misbehaving, and everything works fine now!


We fixed the bug causing Error 500 with CS-Cart.


WeClapp users who use this software as the destination will notice we fixed an issue with the lost connection that was occasionally occurring.


For WooCommerce users, we fixed an issue with a Custom Field for Sale Price Updates.

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider core updates

  • We double-checked conditional fields
  • We improved post registration – company details part, so the users don’t have issues with typing the country
  • We improved UI in the post-registration part if you don’t find the app you were searching for. The notification will appear on the screen.
  • We made improvements in the Admin area regarding the Apps Categories and Specification Fields

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