Release Notes, Week 100

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Release Notes, Week 100

Congrats, dear SyncSpiders!

Yeap! We did it! It’s jubilar 100. Release Note! ???????????? And it wouldn’t be so if there wasn’t for you!

We listen, change, and improve to make your business management better and less stressful. As a reward, here we are, 100 weeks later, and we’ll continue to grow and innovate!

Thank you! ????????????

RN week 100

We prepared something special for our users last week! Something that will make your automation and synchronization less stressful and more efficient!

Okay, here’s the thing. You’ve probably experienced trouble transferring data due to the different data formats your integrated apps and platforms use. We feel your pain!

That’s why we came up with something new! A solution to your problem lies within a new optional Custom field that contains Transformation templates. ????????????

What does it do? It allows you to align your data with the integrations you use and enables seamless transfer and synchronization regardless of the data forms they use.

And we have one more important update. We have new meta fields for filtering Orders for WooCommerce, Docan, and WC Lovers. ????????????

Oh, and we have one more new integration that will come in handy if you deal with Zip files. From now on, you will be able to integrate ZIP Extractor with other tools you use and access all your files effortlessly.????????????

If these are not the news you were searching for, check our latest updates for WordPress, WooCommerce, Freshservice, Amazon, Billbee, PrestaShop, Shopify, PlentyMarket, Etsy, eBay, GoogleSheets, ActiveCampaign, Shopware 5, CS-Cart, and weekly SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out! ????????????

New Integrations

ZIP Extractor

Integrate ZIP Extractor with other tools you use and access all your files effortlessly

Improved Integrations


WordPress users will be happy to know that we:

  • fixed the bug related to using slash (/) after the URL when integrating
  • fixed the bug when API is returning an invalid format for the date


For WooCommerce users, we fixed the bug related to sending Order Updates from WooCommerce to Dokan, and we added meta fields (mentioned before)


Freshservice users will notice we fixed the connection validation.


For Amazon users, we fixed an issue with order data handling.


We’ve improved the Billbee integration with the Covert Date Format in the Date Field.


We enabled Attributes to be listed in the Parent Article for PrestaShop users.


For Shopify users:

  • We added filters for API Shopify Customer Entity
  • We added the Parent Update functionality for the Product Updates
  • Added a new Premium custom field – Gift Card.


We’ve improved the PlentyMarket integration for our users with the feature Create an order item collection, with exclusive and inclusive shipment items inside the collection.


For Etsy users, we created an option Create Products with multiple images (variations).


We fixed the bug regarding concatenating eBay item specifics (values).

Google Sheets

Those who experienced issues with uploading exported files and received the error message “Error downloading original file” with Google Sheets will be happy to know that we’ve solved the problem.


ActiveCampaign users will be happy to know that we fixed the bug related to Contact as the target Entity.

Shopware 5

We fixed the bug related to creating an order on Shopware 5.


CS-Cart users will notice we fixed the bug which caused issues when updating products. No more Error 405!

App upgrades and fixes

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