Release Notes, Week 45

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Hello everyone,

Another week is behind us, so let’s take a look at new Integrations, Updates and a Hotfix that we worked on.

Like always, your ideas regarding new integrations you think would be useful are more than welcome. Kindly share them on our website roadmap. Until next time, take care and have a wonderful weekend! 

SyncSpider team

New Integrations

Better Uptime

Radically better infrastructure monitoring platform with incident management, uptime monitoring, status pages, and phone call alerts.

Better Uptime supports:

  • as source Send Monitors, Send Heartbeats, Send Monitor Groups, Send Heartbeat Groups, Send Incidents and Send Status Pages

  • as destination Add Monitors, Add Heartbeats, Add Monitor Groups, Add Heartbeat Groups, Add Incidents and Add Status Pages

abacus (Finmatics)

Create values from your document processing and document data by using advanced data analytics. Finmatics® analyzes your data through real-time algorithms ensures compliance with the company’s guidelines and reduce risks.

abacus supports:

  • as source  Send Clients, Send Companies and Send General Ledger Accounts
  • as destination  Add Clients and Add General Ledger Accounts 


ChargeDesk is billing support and workflow platform that communicates with the help desk to facilitate refunds, charges, coupon management, and more.

ChargeDesk supports:

  • as source  Send Customers, Send Products, Send Subscriptions and Send Charges
  • as destination  Add Customers, Add Products, Add Subscriptions and Add Charges


Dubb offers a suite of video creation, distribution, and tracking tools to engage your prospects and increase your revenue.

Dubb supports:

  • as source Send Contacts
  • as destination Update Contacts

Improvement – Changed


  • In addition to the existing Contact, Lead and Deal entities we already supported in both directions we have added the following:

    • as a destination; Task creation on a specific Deal entity 
    • as a source; retrieval of Task‘s and Note‘s 

Dragdropr Instantshop

  • Added Update Only option for Products in destination configuration.


  • Added the Product manufacturer and Product Update


  • Add Shipping methods for Order items as options for source integrations.

Custom CSV

  • Added the Number format

Stock Quantity Reduction feature

  • We have enabled a feature for reducing stock quantity upon Product export (only on Product Update) tasks for various integrations. This week we enabled it for:

    • Ecwid
    • DragDropr
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • Odoo

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