Release Notes 43

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Hello everyone,

A few weeks passed and it’s time to look at new Integrations, Updates, and a Hotfix we worked on.

Like always, your ideas regarding new integrations you think would be useful are more than welcome. Kindly share them on our website roadmap.

Until next time, take care! 

SyncSpider team

New Integrations


WeClapp is the ERP platform for teams. Whether it’s CRM, merchandise management, or accounting, with weclapp, teams control all-important business processes in one software, together.

This module supports:

  • as source integration, you can Get Customers,  Articles, Sales Orders,  Sales Invoices,  Shipments,  Campaigns,  Contacts,  Leads,  Suppliers, and  Users

  • as target integration, you can Create Contacts.


Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform.

It shows you who is using your product or website and makes it easy to personally communicate with them with targeted content, behavior-driven messages, and conversational support.

This module supports:

  • as source integration, you can (Get)Send Contacts, Send Teams, Send Admins and Send Companies

  • as destination integration, you can (Create)Add Contacts and Add Companies.

Improvement – Changed

Magento 2

  • Added Incremental import and Filter by status to order import.


  • Added Product WPML support
  • Added status to WPML Product translations
  • Added update WPML translations option


  • Added support triggers
  • Added Price and Price excluding taxes for Products when pulled as source integration


  • Added normalize country for partners.
  • Added manufacturer delivery code to sale order (as destination)
  • Added the option to fetch parent product by variant id.
  • Updated the product quantity update feature.


  • When a required field is missing in the source item and the item is skipped, the whole source item is available in the log so a user can examine it. It is available when the log is downloaded.
  • The Agency owner now has the option to delete sub-companies.



  • Fixed the products import bug

Google Drive

  • Fixed the file search.
  • Fixed the bug with the upload.


  • Fixed the problem with the same image being downloaded twice.

File Module

  • Fixed a problem we had when a source file in a file-based module is missing and this is not reported to the execution log. Now everything is logged

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