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Release notes, Week 3 – 24.01.2020

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Here is a short overview on what’s been developed during this 3rd week of yeaer 2020week

Hot Fix

SyncSpider core

– Task cloning. Hammered the BUG which produced incorrect cloning of the tasks. The bug affected only tasks which contained some specific integration modules.

CSV module

– SFTP file size adopted, quick fix to adopt to the client with some high volume needs.


– Fixed an issue with PrestaShop module by improving handling of a BUG in PrestaShop where the data from the API doesn’t truthfully reflect the actual state on the shop. Imagine that

For those interested…

PrestaShop doesn’t properly cascade deletion of product features and attributes to all tables. So, the BUG is in that the API includes deleted features and options when retrieving product data. This is only present in the API, not on the actual website/Presta platform. The issue with the module was that this exception was handled in the wrong place, ending the task execution prematurely.

Hope your interest was satisfied.



– We gave set a default status, of ActiveCampign list, to Subscriber. And thus solved our support nightmares.

Previously, if the user has mapped the active campaign list (as source or target), he would also need to map it’s status. If the user forgot to set the status of the list, he would get a Task error. Now, we have set the default value as a subscribed user.


– We have upgraded to new version of Moosend API V3 – wrapper one.

This took a lot of time, we had to create own proxy, and create our wrapper just in case. Something was not adding up there – either us or Moosend fellas have to many dots and zeros in the code haven.

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