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What a week! 7 New integration modules released and a bunch of  UI/UX  and feature improvements!

Scroll down and check our efforts, and let us know your thought in the comments:) 

New integration module


 Slack is designed to support the way people naturally work together (starring at their individual screens, miles away from each other), so you can collaborate with people efficiently. 

 With our new module, you can automatically send messages to slack channel or to specific user on the slack Channel.

Here are the options we are giving you with SLACK module: 

  • Sending a basic message

  • Sending a message to a non-default channel

  • Sending a message to a user

  • Sending a message to a channel or user as a different bot name

Right now, SLACK module can only work as a destination (target) module. If you need it as a source module, please send us your use-case here


Stripe is a payment processing platform.

The integration should allow import and export of customers along with related Customer data entity.

Due to the complexity ( it is a payment processor after all.. ) of some of the data and the time restriction for this initial implementation of the integration, some parts of the data relating to customers (i.e. subscriptions, sources, taxes) won’t be available for exporting from SyncSpider right now. 

Here is the list of supported Attributes in Customer entity we support: 

Data to import:

  • id – text

  • object – text

  • address – complex

  • balance – number

  • created – date

  • currency – options

  • default_source – text

  • delinquent – bool

  • description – text

  • discount – complex

  • email – text

  • invoice_prefix – text

  • invoice_settings – complex

  • livemode – bool

  • metadata – complex

  • name – text

  • phone – text

  • preferred_locales – options

  • shipping – complex

  • tax_exempt – options

  • tax_ids – collection of complex

Data to export

For exporting, the user will be asked to select whether they want to use the email field or the id field as the UID for a Customer.

  • id – text

  • address – complex

  • balance – number

  • currency – options

  • delinquent – bool

  • description – text

  • email – text

  • invoice_prefix – text

  • livemode – bool

  • metadata – complex

  • name – text

  • phone – text

  • preferred_locales – options

  • shipping – complex

  • tax_exempt – options


Mautic is an open marketing software platform that gives a high level of marketing integration with audience intelligence that enables you to make personalised emails, create landing pages, create intuitive workflows for customer experiences and the capabilities to track your marketing activities.

We allow both Import and export of Entities here

Active chat

ActiveChat is a “smart” conversational AI platform with natural language understanding for customer support, e-commerce and marketing chatbots.

The integration should allow importing JSON data from ActiveChat JSON Data blocks to SyncSpider via webhook generated in the SyncSpider configuration step.


Pipedrive is the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view (as advertised). 

We are bringing this integration module by your request, as always:)

With this new module, you can Import and Export Deals.

Here is the summarized data. 

  • Get all deal

  • Get deal details

  • Create a deal

  • Update deal


Hyperise is for B2B and SaaS marketers, looking to improve online conversions with the use of hyper-personalization. A cloud-based tool to create images that personalize email recipients, website visitors, chatbot users and Ad views on Facebook and Instagram. 

Now you can use SyncSpider to automatically import Businesses data: 

  • Get all businesses

  • Get business details


Odus is a platform where you can create AI assistants and reduce the sales or support team. Automate calls and messages with human-like robots.

Odus was born in 2017 as an first child of a lone developer.

The integration allows importing JSON data from Odus to SyncSpider via webhook generated in the SyncSpider configuration step.

Here are the attributes you can fetch from Odus:

  • User id
  • User locale
  • Bot Id
  • Event Name
  • User Type
  • User IM name
  • Bot Name



Edit tasks more easily 

  • When a user opens a task, if this task was configured before, a source configuration step is opened directly instead of opening first step for source selection. This makes much more sense because it will help users get to the proper task step immediately, instead of the previous next/next/next sequence. Editing source or target integrations is still possible the same as before (click on header icon or back button).

Edit integrations more easily

  • There is now a button for editing integration details right inside the task on source or target selection steps. This will help users get directly into integration edit form if the source or target integration is not valid. Previously, users had to close the task, go to the integrations page and find integration and edit it from there.

Improving the flow

  • Now when a user wants to change a source or a target integration, a popup for confirmation is displayed immediately. Previously, a system allowed a user to first change the integration and then asked a question for confirmation, and if user denied, it reverted all changes. The new approach is much more convenient and requires much less code.

Additionally, there ware numerous style fixes  released for tooltips, buttons, switches, etc


  • Extended country field as options type for partner entity

  • Updated model event triggers


  • Add storing Amazon XML files before sending 

Hot Fix


  • Fixed an issue with OAuth credential storage where it wouldn’t filter credentials by type 🙁
  • Fix converting XLS to CSV + a lot of styles
  • Invitation screen UI fix


  • Tweak Trello connection config page a bit

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