Release notes, Week 4

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Release notes, Week 4 – 03.02.2020

New integration module released


– Trello is task management tool based on cards and lists. An introduction to Trello and its features can be found here, but I’m sure you can figure it your self.. You are a SyncSpider user after all.

Our Trello module will give you special powers! Such as importing and exporting Boards and Cards as entities. I know we all needed it.


Now, you are able to import Boards, along with:

  • a compact version of all open and visible Cards on the Board

  • all of the Custom Fields present on the board

  • list of Members on the Board

  • list of open Lists on the board

  • list of closed Lists on the board

  • Checklists on the Board

  • Custom Fields on the board

  • Did we miss any list? 

Export Boards, along with:

  • Lists

  • Labels

  • Custom Fields


Import Cards, along with:

  • with Labels

  • with Custom Fields

  • with Checklists

Export Cards, along with:

  • Labels

  • Custom Fields

  • Lists   

Custom Fields

Cards and Boards may have Custom Fields associated with them. A Custom Field may be shared among Boards.They also can be imported/exported.

Yes, we are meticulous and always go in depth, like you would expect of any other Trekkie. 



– Added an event triggers for our Facebook Module. Now, you are able to receive real time updates  when leads are filled – You can set your task to be triggered on event, or better put, as soon as your FB add has captured any lead.

Meaning – now can immediately contact your new FB lead through any other app we support, and start bombarding till they buy your stuff. 


– Added image support for products. Now, you can sync your product images with any 3rd app supported by SyncSpider

– Added new, pre-mapping filtering capabilities

– Added preview feature on Mapping 


– Product source configuration has been updated, now users are able to choose if they want to synchronize:

  • all products from external system
  • products created in specific period
  • only products created after last import (sync) date

We should have done this ages ago. 


– Extended event support (trigger by even feature) to partner, product and sale order entity.

Hot fix


– Add decoding HTML values for Amazon product feed.

– Fixed Amazon destination configuration form style.

SyncSpider Core

– Handle errors during the destination schema refresh in task execution. Now, even I don’t get this.. but as I’m told it’s quite important. 

– Fix errors in preview values on mapping. Now, If an error occurs, the “Preview values” dialog knows about it and displays the error.

Custom CSV module

– XLS file columns fix. The problem was that the last column was always skipped, now the last column is always included (unless you specify it not to be). 

–  Fix errors in reading CSV with BOM. If a CSV file had a BOM, and the first column has the same name as some other another column, the system merged the columns. After this fix, SyncSpider will reads them as separate columns.


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