Release note, Week 31

Hello everyone, another week is behind us, check out the results!

The past week we did some more work on bringing more integrations as well as preparing a big update for the new template tool. These are the new modules that are operational: Capsule, Hiveage, Klaviyo as well as sevDesk.

As always, we worked on improving and fixing our existing integrations.
We updated Odoo, Magento2, Custom Template builder and additionally our External API Template builder as well as our Core.

As usual, give us your thoughts on what new integrations you think would be useful on our website and, as always, have a great weekend everybody. 

SyncSpider team.

Added integrations


Capsule is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SaaS web application and mobile application.

This module enables you to Create parties as target and List parties, List cases, List entries, Get opportunities and Get parties tag as source integration


Best free online invoicing software system for small businesses.

Retrieve your Estimates, Invoices, Recurring, Invoices, Items, Tasks and Connections data from your Hiveage, account and import them to SyncSpider with this module, then export them to any of our supported integrations.


Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform focused on email and designed for ecommerce. The free account covers 250 contacts and 500 emails sent, which includes the newsletter. You will also get A/B testing tools, segmentation, and the responsive drag and drop email creator.

With this module you can import Metrics, Lists and Campaigns data into SyncSpider or send Lists data to Klaviyo.


The sevDesk invoice program is an online office software that reduces office work many times over.

Use this module to import Contacts, Invoices, Orders, Tasks ad Feed data to SyncSpider and then export it to any of our supported integrations.

Improvement – Changed


  • Updated partner Iban validation


  • Updated command messages and comments.
  • Change task status so that it can be terminated by a command.


  • Added extension attributes for Product, Customer and Order as both source and destination.
  • Fixed error message “Inactive task aborted by the system”.

External API Template builder

  • Now preserves query parameters from the configured endpoint.


Custom Template

  • Fixed custom templates state parentModule so that the API type passes the correct code.


  • Fixed the core to clear tasks that have an active status but are not functioning.

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