New Magneto features and improvements

New settings for Magento 1 connection: Store view code
Some Magento 1 installations can have a configuration to inject store view code to the URL.
If this is the case, Magento oAuth does not work properly and has to be used in a different way.
To overcome this, we have added a new option in Magento 1 integration setup dialogue.
If your Magento installation uses this option, you will have to insert the default store view code.
Otherwise, integration will not work since the connection to Magento cannot be established.
If you do not use this Magento option, uncheck the checkbox and leave this field empty (empty is selected by default).
Magento 2 is not affected by this setting since it works differently.
Magento 1 extension improvement 
In highly customized Magento 1 installations we have detected an issue:
In specific cases, webhooks that are invoked upon product change or order creation were not properly sent to SyncSpider.
Third party extensions and/or customizations were interfering with our extension behaviour, which was preventing SyncSpider system to detect changes.
The issues is now resolved by some minor changes in our plugin.
We strongly suggest you to update the SyncSpider plugin to the latest version.

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