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Last week’s developments were mostly about the SyncSpider core.

A lot of refactoring was done on our ServiceProvider, module configuration file, Source/Destination configuration, Task Cloning, and Core Filters.

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We now have a new module generator.

Or to put it more simple words, all service providers and the way we use them were changed. Internally, we have improved workflows, way we are creating modules (integrations).

With this refactoring, All modules have been altered!

Also, this revealed several bugs in different modules that we were not aware of, and a lot of duplicated code was removed.

Before we could release this improvement, our developers had to check and test all existing modules. This took a lot of time, and it’s done and lives 🙂

How can you see this change?

Well, probably you have not noticed it, but you will. You’ll notice significant performance improvements and QUITE important faster development of new modules

Please take some time to give us feedback on our work is done, and read the ChangeLog from last week

Change Log

SyncSpider Core & modules

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Allowed generating new modules via command line.
  • All modules smoke tested.
  • Removed obsolete code.

Google Sheets

Hot Fix

  • Fixed overwriting file. Now, if this option is selected, only the content of the file will be overwritten, keeping the file links the same. The user can keep the file open during the overwrite process and the file will automatically be refreshed.



  • The shipping line does not have a price, but only total. Users tend to map only the Price, which causes problems for shipping lines. Added shipping value and shipping without tax attributes as possible fallback values for shipping lines.
  • When targeting, the name should not be required. Removed.


Hot Fix

  • Reduce the number of errors caused by having only one data item where there are usually many items.
  • Fix not being able to integrate a PrestaShop v1.7 instance where the ‘Multistore‘ setting was never set.



  • Extend WordPress integration, add options in source mapping configurations so that users can select for each custom type a specific taxonomy to be used in categories.
  • Extend WordPress integration, improve hierarchy resolver to fetch categories for custom post types based on selected taxonomy in the source configuration.

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