Utilising eCommerce Leads and Data for Optimum Growth with Jordan West, Founder, and CEO at Mindful Marketing

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Jordan West, Founder, and CEO at Mindful Marketing joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss his journey from struggling Restaurant Owner to successful eCommerce Investor, how Mindful Marketing helps eCommerce stores increase ROI, and eCommerce scalability strategies. 

Key facts

  • Jordan’s LinkedIn
  • Mindful Marketing website
  • Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Marketing 
  • Jordan founded Mindful Marketing seven years ago
  • Mindful Marketing helps eCommerce stores boost sales and increase ROI 
  • Jordan loves playing golf, riding his bike, and hiking
  • Jordan is a serial entrepreneur as he co-owns Keep Nature Wild and Little & Lively Clothing
  • Jordan runs Little & Lively Clothing in Canada with his wife Carmen West 
  • Jordan owned a Taco Del Mar restaurant from 2011 to 2016 


Key takeaways

  • Jordan is a PCP, Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic) from the Justice Institute of British Columbia 
  • Jordan started his entrepreneurial journey by owning a Taco Del Mar restaurant in 2011 
  • In 2016, Jordan realised that although he tripled his Taco Del Mar sales from 2011 to 2016, he was not profitable 
  • Jordan acknowledges the experience he gained while running the restaurant. He believes that most of his marketing expertise comes from Taco Del Mar. “Taco Del Mar wasn’t profitable but a great learning experience”
  • In 2015, while planning to close down the restaurant, Jordan and his wife Carmen West started Little & Lively Clothing (a children’s clothing brand) 
  • Jordan shares that applying advanced digital marketing strategies helped him establish a successful clothing brand for children from scratch 
  • Jordan says the business era of Set-It and Forget-It is over, and that you need a full-time partner to derive the business outcomes in your favour
  • Jordan believes that continued optimisation helps businesses boost their chance of success 
  • Mindful Marketing helps eCommerce stores implement proven eCommerce strategies at each stage of the sales funnel 
  • Mindful Marketing is partners with digital marketing leaders of the world such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Jordan shares that Little & Lively, Whistle & Flute, Tiger Tool, Heidi Carey, and Pianote are some of the many brands that have achieved the desired ROI working with Mindful Marketing 
  • Mindful Marketing uses a tactical marketing process to forecast the eCommerce scalability potential and equips clients with top-of-the-line eCommerce presence and business results 
  • Mindful Marketing is a performance-orientated digital agency. Its core marketing strategy to increase eCommerce sales includes flash/pop-up discounts that consist of 25% to 33% off for new sign-ups. By offering new users discounts, Mindful Marketing generates leads and information such as emails addresses, social networking accounts, and contact details. These details are further utilised for email marketing of promotions and discounts, which is a consensual marketing strategy 
  • Jordan considers discounts and promotions to be the easiest tool for marketers and attracts shoppers the most. However, he doesn’t recommend discounts and promotions to be custom, as it loses the exclusivity factor
  • Jordan recommends sending emails to consumers once every two weeks and messages via Messenger once a week, as excessive marketing messages can irritate users
  • Mindful Marketing provides 24/7 customer support for its clients 

Jordan’s biggest influence

  • AZRO StudioJordan shares that AZRO Studio’s Azro has helped him in learning
    eCommerce science

Jordan’s No.1 operations hack

“Build your lead lists consisting of emails, SMS, phone numbers, and segregate all the leads into different groups. This will help you in understanding the consumers in a better way and will refine your targeted marketing campaigns”

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