Turning One-Time eCom Shopper Into a Repeat Customer With Alex McEachern, Director of Marketing at Repeat

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Alex McEachern, Director of Marketing at Repeat, joins The eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how Repeat helps CPG brands increase sales, strategies to maximise repeat sales, and how to develop a community around your brand.

Key Facts

  • Alex’s LinkedIn
  • Repeat website 
  • Repeat is a SaaS platform that enables CPG (consumer package goods) brands to turn one time buyers into repeat customers 
  • Repeat software helps CPG brands to maximise repeat sales through consumer behaviour-based data collection 
  • Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA), Marketing from Wilfrid Laurier University 


Key Takeaways

  • [0:34-1:50] Alex started his professional career in 2012. Since then, he has performed in key marketing roles as an Online Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Shopper Marketing and Insights Lead, Head of Marketing, and Brand Manager at renowned companies such as FleetCamra, MyCarma, CONAGRA Foods, Smile, and Loop. Currently, he is working as the Director of Marketing at Repeat    
  • Repeat aims to help CPG brands build highly engaging and easier shopping experiences for consumers 
  • The ideology behind Repeat is to help repeat customers (who are buying for the second or third time from a CPG retailer) by providing them with a customised cart that helps them reorder easily, based on their historical buying pattern and choice of products. Customised cart suggestion provides the returning customer with a more personalised shopping experience that serves as an ultimate conversion point
  • [2:40-3:40] Alex shares the difference between subscriptions and reordering. He further explains that Repeat provides more than just winning subscriptions on daily purchases. It tries to help the consumer decide on the next purchase while shopping. Consequently, a CPG brand gets a better lifetime value and retention rate
  • [5:00-6:45] Alex explains Repeat’s “QR code” technology that helps shoppers go back to their previous cart, buy, and checkout rather than selecting all of the products again while purchasing for the second or third time. In addition, this QR code takes the shopper to a customised, featured,  and personalised landing page for their ease of reordering
  • CPG brands can use the unique generated URL (link) that they can share with the shopper to just click and reorder their previous cart
  • [9:45-10:45] Alex shares that Repeat works on a flexible pricing model for its clients. It allows clients to choose between monthly retaining and revenue sharing pricing models. He further shares that the revenue sharing pricing model is specially offered for SMEs who are still on the take-off phase with their business
  • [10:55-19:08] Alex believes that analysing purchasing patterns, repeat purchases, average purchasing cost, and frequency of purchase serves as the best indicators to create a strategy that triggers repeat purchases and helps in customer retention. In addition, this data helps eCom brands measure their success rate
  • Alex believes that ads and commercials are illusionary and that marketing online has changed over time. “In the digital era, it’s really hard to get customers, and these marketing tactics have become less effective and more expensive.” Instead, eCom owners should focus more on how to get the existing customers to reorder
  • [20:20-21:30] In 2022, through Repeat, Alex plans to indulge more in helping brands build their very own shoppers’ community, rather than creating marketing strategies. In contrast, he envisions the same community-building spirits for Repeat itself.


Alex’s No.1 operation’s hack

“Automation is great, but eCom owners need to focus more on empowering the human side of eCom operations.” Alex believes that the humane side of the business, like customer support, community building, and personalised products, is in demand and the focus of consumers more than ever. 




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