The Power of Creating Personalised Experiences for eCom Customers with Mark Sandeno, Founder of Helpful Human and CEO of Experiences App

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Mark Sandeno, Founder of Helpful Human and CEO of Experiences, joins the eCom Ops podcast to share the power of creating personalised experiences for the eCom customers, strategies to provoke loyalty amongst shoppers and how to position your business as a premium brand in an online marketplace.

Key facts

  • Mark’s LinkedIn
  • Helpful Human’s website
  • Experiences’ website  
  • Mark created Helpful Human in 2011
  • Helpful Human is a web consulting company that specialises in creating digital apps
  • Mark is also the CEO of Experiences since 2019
  • Experiences is a SaaS-based app for 
  • Experiences helps you create memorable, meaningful, and bookable moments for your customers
  • Mark is a Co-Founder of Rocketship 

Key takeaways

  • Through Helpful Human, Mark aims to provide digital products and solutions for all types of business needs
  • In 2019, expanding on his vision of equipping businesses with digital tools, Mark, along with his Helpful Human’s team, invented Experiences App 
  • In the early days, Experiences’ primary focus remained on creating experiences that matter most in the buying processes, rather than the product itself
  • Over time, Experiences widened it’s focus into assisting online micro-businesses to enhance their user base, profits, and reputation
  • Experience expansion cumulates the essence of “experiential commerce”, which is better understood with an example such as a candle-making business inviting people to join in and learn how to make their own candles 
  • Mark believes that retailers need to understand that building a personalised experience of their product and services enriches the business presence. This helps consumers to make an informed decision about business and products
  • According to Mark, the shopping experience is a cornerstone in developing a great customer relationship
  • Companies can easily integrate the Experiences App into their eCommerce stores
  • Post-Covid-19 pandemic, Experiences App shifted its focus towards helping businesses regain their productivity at a faster pace
  • Mark believes that with digitalisation, online market share has increased during the past decade. The transition has made shopping exceptionally easy and comfortable. But it has made it harder for brands to connect with the users
  • Mark relates the significance of offering customers the shopping experience to the inception of physical flagship stores, which offered customers exclusive space to sit, talk, eat and have fun together
  • Mark loves to work on offering value prepositions that people love to add to their life

Mark’s biggest influence

Mark says that his inspiration lies in community building, as community building has the power to connect people. Mark’s community building passion drove him to create Experiences App. 

Mark’s No.1 operations hack

“Connect people and help them create memories.” Mark believes that any business needs to find a way to connect people and help them create memories.

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