The Next Big Thing In eCommerce with Jan Koch of WP Mastery

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Jan Koch, the Virtual Summit host at the WP Mastery, jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast to share the importance of networking and connectivity, how incorporating storytelling attributes to your eCommerce platform can increase growth and the significance of content in eCom overall success. Check out all the other episodes here.

To learn more about Jan Koch and his business:

Key Facts:

  • Started his own company in 2013
  • In 2015, he operated his first virtual summit
  • The conversion rate of winning back customers is over 30%

Key Takeaways:

  • Conducting summits and conferences helps bring together thought leaders of the particular field 
  • It is important to be focused and know what you are doing and then, have the right team to do it all with
  • WooCommerce helps take out the best of both worlds where you can build blogs, sales, funnels, all that is done on WordPress to be documented on WooCommerce.
  • For eCommerce, storytelling must be something you master as it allows websites to grasp the attention of the viewer
  • People have started flooding online markets, which is why it is important to work on the build-up, layout, content and overall flow of the eCommerce website
  • People from all walks of life have initiated their drop shipping businesses without the proper knowledge regarding its operations
  • To provide a good user experience, it is better to build a well-performing shop where the layout is easy to navigate through
  • It is important to engage with the clients to arouse their excitement 
  • A simple way to get client attention is to involve them into the branding process
  • The next big thing for eCommerce is to ensure a real-time customer support system 
  • In the context of the support mechanism, a basic form needs to be inserted at such instances where basic details such as name, emails, addresses, company etc. can be fed so that response can be forwarded accordingly. 
  • The internal structure of the support team must be immensely strong to retain and satisfy customers
  • Avoid egos in asking for help, or achieve maximum success and be an exemplary support team
  • For any eCommerce business, the quickest win is the streamlining of business processes and sales ops.
  • Alongside other metrics, meters for measurement are crucial to be able to gauge the performance of the website. 
  • Keeping a track of the website on how it is doing on various platforms and devices is essential to run swiftly and smoothly for customers.
  • Automation is the next big thing and can not be avoided, and no eCommerce website can shy away from automation in any way.

Jan’s biggest influence

Bob Dun – Podcaster – Co-Host of Do the Woo – a WooCommerce Podcast. Jon believes that Bob is his greatest teacher in the WooCommerce space. He further accredits Bob as a thought leader and someone that he cannot keep away from. Jon refers to all the publications of Bob, first hand.


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