The Future of Sustainable Shopping with Thomas Panton, Founder at Greenr, and Hugo Douglas-Deane, Co-Founder & CMO at Greenr

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Thomas Panton, Founder at Greenr, and Hugo Douglas-Deane, Co-Founder & CMO at Greenr, joins the eCom Ops Podcast. They will talk about sustainable shopping, vetting products, and minimizing waste for the best eCom results.

Key Facts

  • Thomas’s LinkedIn
  • Hugo’s LinkedIn
  • Thomas is a two-time founder and entrepreneur
  • Hugo is an experienced communications professional focusing on digital marketing, social media, and content creation
  • Greenr’s website
  • Greenr is building the UK’s home for sustainable shopping. The Greenr team has worked with governments, global NGOs, universities, and environmental charities for years.
  • Thomas holds a Master of Science in Climate Change and International Development from the University of East Anglia
  • Hugo holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of East Anglia
  • Thomas brings years of experience working with organizations like Greenpeace UK and Surfers Against Sewage, giving him extensive knowledge and insight into the environmental sector. He also founded Festovers, an industry-leading company tackling the tent waste crisis
  • Hugo leads on marketing and branding, having worked in government communications and publishing for several years. He’s worked on various large-scale campaigns, including multi-million-pound EU-funded projects and environmental schemes

Key Takeaways

  • [ 00:00:32 ] Greenr is a platform built for sustainable living. It is a multivendor marketplace where ethical, vetted brands can sell better impact products
  • [ 00:01:12 ] Greenr shows the carbon emission, water, and plastic waste saved when you buy these products. As a consumer, you will know that you’ve made an impact
  • [ 00:03:22 ] Greenr uses Shopify Advanced with many custom codes behind the scenes that do all the marketplace works
  • [ 00:08:33 ] Greenr community is based on bringing all the people who are involved in the marketplace to build resources and progress the climate movement in a way that is accessible to more people
  • [ 00:09:13 ] Online shopping can create fewer emissions than traditional brick and mortar
  • [ 00:10:02 ] A lot of people prefer to shop in physical stores, so as an eCommerce brand, you shouldn’t completely rule out the need for having your products in physical stores
  • [ 00:11:55 ] The availability of eCommerce stores makes it easier to make greener decisions in comparison with traditional brick-and-mortar stores
  • [ 00:13:30 ] Waste that results from packaging can be reduced by using the following types of packaging:
    • Biodegradable 
    • Reusable/Repurposable/Returnable
    • Circular
  • [ 00:17:04 ] Sustainable products’ price point is decreasing dramatically, and this makes them more accessible to customers
  • [ 00:18:13 ] On the subject of cheap versus long-lasting products, it’s best to pay a little more upfront and enjoy the product for a long time  than buy it cheaper but only use it for a short period
  •  [ 00:21:09 ] If sustainability is going to be mainstream, brands need to do the heavy lifting of vetting products and ensuring customers get these products at affordable prices

Hugo’s & Thomas No.1 eCom Operations hack

“To reduce the amount of waste resulting from the packaging, use materials that are; biodegradable, reusable, and circular”


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