From Subscription Surprises to E-commerce Enigmas

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Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu, Talks Subscription Surprises and E-commerce Enigmas on the eCom Ops Podcast

Step into the bustling world of e-commerce as we journey alongside Paul Jarrett, co-founder of Bulu, a titan in the realm of subscription boxes and brand partnerships. Dive into this episode to explore the marriage of traditional e-commerce with the captivating charm of subscription boxes, understand the art of negotiation, and garner pearls of wisdom that can transform how you view your own business. Whether you’re an e-commerce newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur, golden nuggets await you. Tune in and get ready to be enlightened!


Paul Jarrett, CEO and co-founder of Bulu, is a trailblazer in e-commerce and subscription box services. Having launched Bulu Box in 2012 as the 6th entrant to the market, Paul quickly garnered acclaim for his forward-thinking approach in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. His expertise in e-commerce and consumer packaged goods, paired with his dynamic presence as a keynote speaker, has landed him featured in notable publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and CBS News.

Bulu is an industry champion in crafting private-label Subscription Box businesses for renowned brands, including Disney, Clorox, and Buzzfeed. With its roots tracing back to 2011, Bulu’s pioneering program, Bulu Box, was among the market’s earliest subscription box offerings. Recognizing the immense potential and evolving demands of 2016, Bulu unveiled its “Turnkey Subscription Box Solutions” division, aimed at providing comprehensive or tailored “Private Label Subscription Box Solutions™” to big brands. Bulu’s ethos revolves around creating a Win. Win. Win. Scenario in every partnership.

The Key Takeaways

Diving Into Bulu’s Journey

  • Bulu’s mastery over complex shipping dynamics.
  • From subscription boxes to collaborations with big brands.
  • The e-commerce evolution: Empowering smaller brands.

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Labyrinth

  • Balancing self-awareness and ego.
  • The ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.
  • Introspection and internal solutions when challenges arise.

Gaining Media Limelight & Sage Advice for Startups

  • Brands as undercover logistics powerhouses.
  • The essence of sales forecasts and negotiation tactics.
  • Monitoring major revenue channels closely.

The Art of Expense Negotiation

  • Beyond sales: the missed realm of expense negotiations.
  • Driving profitability through expense management.

Unravelling Subscription Services

  • A blast from the past: Conversations with Shopify’s CEO.
  • The industry’s leisurely pace of evolution.
  • The gap in many fulfillment companies: Addressing subscriptions and returns.

Universal Subscription: A New Paradigm

  • Challenging the subscription myths.
  • Adaptability of the subscription model: From tech to fashion.

Subscription Boxes vs. Traditional E-commerce: More Than Meets the Eye

  • Debunking the myth: Subscription boxes aren’t mere recurring orders.
  • The intricate blend of diverse products in subscription boxes.
  • The imperative of data management: APIs, data streams, and more.

Crafting an Unforgettable Subscription Experience

  • The multi-sensory allure of a subscription box.
  • Curating experiences, not just delivering products.

Merging Digital with Physical Retail

  • Emulating physical store experiences online.
  • Seamless user experiences: Bridging the physical and digital divide.

E-commerce Mantras for Success

  • Dive deep into e-commerce platforms.
  • Building bridges and relationships in supply chains.
  • Recognizing the scaling signals and embedding structure.

The No.1 eCom Operations hack

“A great subscription box or any delivery…means that when somebody opens it, they should be able to feel something, not just emotionally but physically.”

Quote about checking your ego and staying humble by Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu on the eCom Ops Podcast

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