Subscription Marketing, Data Science, & Analytics for eCommerce Growth with Evan Padgett, Chief Operating Officer at Stealth Venture Labs

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Evan Padgett, Chief Operating Officer at Stealth Venture Labs, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss Evan’s four year journey from Assistant Manager to Chief Operating Officer, how subscriptions aid in recurring eCom revenues, and the importance of analytics and data science in eCommerce growth.

Key facts

  • Evan’s LinkedIn
  • Stealth Venture Labs website
  • Evan Padgett founded the Stealth Venture Labs in 2017 
  • Evan has been associated with internet and subscription marketing for over twenty years 
  • Stealth Venture Labs is a team of extremely experienced, unique, and veteran eCommerce experts that help brands excel in advertising and growth
  • Stealth Venture Labs has generated over $2 billion in online sales for their clients 
  • Stealth Venture Labs is partners with renowned brands such as Uber, Thrive market, Fabletics, and Zulily 


Key takeaways

  • [4:50 – 5:22] Through Stealth Venture Labs, Evan aims to offer “out-of-the-box” marketing strategies to its clients. It not only focuses on Facebook or SEM but explores every possible marketing and business growth avenue 
  • Evan believes that this “out-of-the-box” approach sets Stealth Venture Labs apart from its competition
  • [5:50 – 7:45] Stealth Venture Labs is a small team consisting of just thirty-five people
  • [10:11 – 11:36] Stealth Venture Labs deals with at least $30,000 USD in marketing spent monthly 
  • Evan believes that eCommerce can generate profits in a matter of hours; but it requires time, effort, and the right strategies
  • [13:25 – 14:47] Evan believes that marketing is a universal tool and works well across all spectrums. However, Evan’s team’s primary focus remains on subscription marketing for eCommerce growth 
  • Evan aims to equip Stealth Venture Labs teams with tech and digital media buying
  • [16:00 – 16:50] Evan advises eCom owners who are starting out to focus on research
  • For beginners, the starting target should be to focus on SEM and figure out the targeted audience; this will help them generate traffic 
  • In addition, experimenting with popular social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can serve as a fundamental in generating organic subscriptions
  • [19:55 – 25:30] Evan shares fundamentals that can lead to successful eCom businesses growth;
    1. Look for the targeted audience carefully. While doing so, you should think about the people who will really enjoy your products
    2. Never copy other marketing ideas, instead try to think “out of the box”
    3. Focus on solving real customer pain points and leverage the opportunities 
    4. Compel in unit economics. Make room for growth in marketing


Evan’s no .1 eCom operations hack

Leverage subscription marketing to win loyal and organic customers





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