Shopify Secrets: Amplifying Online Revenue

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The eCom Ops Podcast, Shopify Secrets: Amplifying Online Revenue, Clayton Bates, Founder of Inspire Small Business

Tune in to this riveting eCom Ops Podcast episode with Clayton Bates, a Shopify expert and owner of Inspire Small Business, to get insider tips, common pitfalls to avoid, and learn from his rich journey in the e-commerce world! Discover the shifting sands of the e-commerce landscape with the advent of AI, and learn why mobile optimization can’t be ignored. From the life-changing impact of business mentors to the magic of reciprocating in the world of customer reviews, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to ride the e-commerce wave. Don’t miss out!


Clayton Bates is a renowned Shopify Expert hailing from New South Wales, Australia. With a track record of infusing tens of millions into small businesses worldwide, his expertise in building and redesigning Shopify websites is unmatched. Beyond his technical skills, Clayton is a fervent entrepreneur at heart. His genuine passion lies in bolstering businesses to achieve unparalleled online success.

Inspire Small Business isn’t just another web design agency; it embodies a vision. Established with an aim to stand beside business owners fervent about growth and conversions, the company has always prioritized innovation. With impressive accolades such as generating 20 Million Dollars in extra client revenue and garnering 100+ Five Star Reviews, Inspire Small Business stands tall as a beacon of value, trust, and partnership in the e-commerce world. The company’s ethos is evident in its unique approach – consistently offering unparalleled value without expecting anything in return.

The Key Takeaways

An Introduction to Clayton Bates – Shopify Expert

  • Clayton Bates has been a renowned Shopify expert since 2019 with an impressive track record of over $40 million in additional client revenue from website redesigns, over 100 five-star reviews, and local business finalist accolades in Australia.
  • He conducted over 1,500 free website video reviews for customers and achieved 1,000+ “page one” results on Google for his clients.

Clayton’s Journey into eCommerce

  • Always possessed a business-oriented mindset since childhood. The turning point came from selling cans of drink in high school and earning from it. He made hundreds of thousands selling trading cards and transitioned to Shopify for his business, learning from his journey to assist others later.

Why Shopify Stands Out for Clayton

  • Prefers Shopify after extensive research back in 2014.
  • While there are cheaper platforms, Shopify provides solutions for nearly any e-commerce problem.
  • Strong belief that it’s the best option for e-commerce endeavors.

Common Mistakes Store Owners Make

  1. Homepage Design: Not structuring their homepage effectively.
  2. Product Page: Lacking comprehensive product details, trust indicators, and stated benefits.
  3. Site Navigation: This is especially critical as the number of products increases.
  4. Checkout Page: Missing logo and brand colors leading to a disconnect.
  5. Mobile Optimization: Failing to optimize for mobile despite it being the majority of traffic for many.

 Importance of Mobile Optimization

  • Most B2C traffic comes from mobile, yet many neglect this aspect.
  • A significant number of business owners don’t check their website’s mobile version, potentially losing a vast audience.

Clayton’s Process of Evaluating and Building Success

  • Conducting detailed reviews and getting to know the client’s business.
  • Track parameters such as conversion rate changes and average order value.
  • It’s not just about the website redesign; understanding the growth of the business is essential.

When to Consult an Expert?

  • Ideal for businesses earning $25,000 to $100,000 annually without professional website help.
  • Companies can go from $1,000 weekly to $7,000 after optimizing their website with expert assistance.

Allocating Budget for Expert Assistance

  • The budget varies based on the business’s stage and annual earnings.
  • Startups should avoid overspending, while larger brands can justify higher costs for website optimization.

Building New Stores vs. Optimizing Existing Ones

  • In recent times, Clayton has seen a shift towards rebuilding rather than creating new sites.
  • It’s often easier to enhance revenue for already profitable businesses.

Clayton’s Experience with a Client

  • Built a drink bottle website.
  • Client ventured into another business which grossed 100k in a month.
  • The importance of persistence and believing in one’s business idea.

Reflections on Business Growth

  • Over 5 years, Clayton observed significant client growth.
  • Clayton’s Philosophy on Business:
    • Put good things into the world without expecting returns.
    • Standing out is essential.
    • Importance of growth and providing value.

Importance of Customer Reviews

  • Clayton emphasizes genuinely caring for clients.
  • Importance of reciprocating – giving reviews to get reviews.

Future of E-commerce

  • Clayton’s previous belief: Mobile apps were the future.
  • AI is reshaping the e-commerce landscape.
  • Importance of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends.

Importance of Integrations in E-commerce

  • Clayton stresses the need to focus and not spread oneself too thin.
  • It’s essential to gauge results and adjust strategies accordingly.

E-commerce Mentors

  • Clayton credits Dan De Silva for introducing him to e-commerce.
  • Highlights the value of continuous learning and taking lessons from various sources.

The No.1 eCom Operations hack

“If you look at a website, there might be 30 1% of things, where if you just change one of those 1% things, it’s not really gonna make a big difference. But if you change all 30 of those little 1% things, then it’s gonna make a very big difference.”

Clayton Bates, Founder of Inspire Small Business, featured on the eCom Ops Podcast cover with a quote about the positive impact of good deeds.

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