Selling on Amazon, Alza, Mall, eMag, Kaufland and Global Marketplaces with Adam Kurzok, Founder and Chairman at Expando Global

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Adam Kurzok, Founder and Chairman of Expando Global, joins The eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how to increase eCommerce revenue, grow eCommerce saleability by accessing foreign markets, and offer products at the best price globally.

Key Facts

  • Adam’s LinkedIn
  • Expando Global’s website 
  • Expando’s Facebook
  • Adam is the Founder and Chairman of the Board at Expando Global
  • Adam started Expando Global in 2002
  • Expando Global helps retailers connect their products to Amazon, Alza, Mall, eMag and Kaufland
  • Expando Global generates 50,000+ orders a month from Amazon for its clients 

Key Takeaways

  • Adam started Expando in 2002.
  • Through Expando Global, Adam aims to help global businesses spread their products and services into foreign markets
  • Through AI (artificial intelligence) based software, Expando Global helps retailers to quickly connect their products to Amazon, Alza, Mall, eMag and Kaufland 
  • Expando Global provides endless opportunities for businesses to expand globally. 
  • Expando Global’s quantum of orders and length of partnership with e-marketplaces helps them access and offer premium seller advantages to retailers
  • Expando Global assists new retailers from the start. The beginner’s package includes  e-marketplace account setup and consultation on crucial elements (currency changing patterns, logistics, etc.)
  • Alongside e-marketplace visibility and availability management, Expando Global also helps retailers set and sell products at higher prices to yield maximum revenue 
  • Expando Global uses a discounted pricing strategy to boost your sales. Adam shares that lowering the prices by only 5% can help in dramatic sales growth. Expando Global has experienced around a 35% increase in sales through this discounted pricing strategy
  • Adam prefers Amazon as the greatest marketplace of all time, as it offers product assortment and loyal consumers
  • Adam shares that the pandemic has driven more attention of the masses towards online selling and buying
  • Adam shares that Brexit happened very fast, and closed business between Europe and the UK for three consecutive months. However, during this tenure Expando Global worked closely with its customers on managing taxes, logistics, and payment to get their businesses back on track

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