Saving Your Budget in eCommerce by Choosing the Right Payment Option

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eCom Ops Podcast, Karla Dembik, the Founder and Owner of Phoenix Payment Processing

Did you know you can save your budget in eCommerce by choosing the right payment option? Did you even know that you have options? Find out how to do that with our new podcast guest, Karla Dembik, the Founder and Owner of Phoenix Payment Processing.


Phoenix Payment Processing is a company helping businesses to find the best payment option that suits their needs. They offer a personalized approach to finding solutions for Payment Terminals, Point of Sale Systems and Software Integrations, Virtual Terminals and Gateways, Mobile Payments, eCommerce Solutions, and Business Funding.

Karla Dembik, Founder and Owner of Phoenix Payment Processing, has an impressive and quite exciting biography. Karla spent 14 years in the Military, first as a U.S. Marine and later as an Army Intelligence Officer and UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot.

She took her experience, knowledge, and passion and moved into the private sector, building a successful career, starting her own company, and establishing herself within the FinTech space.


Key Takeaways

[ 00:00:02 ] Introducing Karla Dembik, Founder and Owner of Phoenix Payment Processing

[ 00:00:48 ] What Phoenix Payment Processing can do for clients?

[ 00:01:08] “So we are helping companies of all sizes, and what we’re doing is going in and giving them kind of a financial health assessment.”

[ 00:01:43 ] “It is pretty much an all-inclusive merchant solution, and it doesn’t matter if your business is offline or online; we can help pretty much anybody.”

[ 00:02:23] You can cut in half rates for payment processors for your eCommerce businesses.

[ 00:03:15] Most eCommerce business owners don’t ask for better rates themselves.

[ 00:03:50] The best solution will depend on whether you need only a shopping cart payment solution or a subscription, membership, etc.

[ 00:03:52 ] “Then I find out what that business owner needs right now, and I find out what they want to do to scale their business because business owners Aren’t happy, just being in one spot, right? We want to grow.”

[ 00:04:25 ] Most of the time, those starting an eCommerce business go with what they are familiar with, Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

[ 00:04:34 ] “No matter how quickly you can set it up with one of those 3. It’s even faster to get shut down if, for some reason, they think you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

[ 00:08:04] It’s easy to set up 3 things important for eCommerce business regarding payment processes, but make sure to look at the after-effects.

[ 00:08:17 ] Think about your merchant account since it’s the bloodline of your business.

[ 00:08:38 ] “If that line from the consumer to the business owner and that payment piece gets interrupted, your business is like dead in the water.”

[ 00:09:05 ] How to increase the revenue without raising the prices?

[ 00:09:33 ] Why is financial health assessment important?

[ 00:10:15 ] Cutting the costs leave you more money to invest in your business.

[ 00:11:24 ] How can eCommerce businesses take control of their payment processes?

[ 00:11:41 ] “… most of the time, business owners won’t fight chargebacks, and you can.”

[ 00:14:10 ] What role does automation play in in in in your business?

[ 00:15:47 ] Is it hard to align the payments of the Payment Service providers to the actual dedicated invoices?

[ 00:17:15 ] What are the biggest mistakes eCommerce business owners make?

[ 00:18:15 ] “… one of the biggest inhibitors, to be honest, when it comes to eCommerce is the checkout process.”

[ 00:18:15 ] Best shopping card experience – which system would you recommend?

[ 00:19:19 ] Who has told Karla the most about payment processing in your career?


Karla’s No.1 eCom Operations hack

“The easiest solution sometimes isn’t the best solution.”

eCom Ops Podcast, Quote Karla Dembik, the Founder and Owner of Phoenix Payment

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