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How to use AI for your eCommerce business with Joe Apfelbaum, Founder and CEO of Ajax Union

Our new eCom Ops Podcast guest, Joe Apfelbaum, the founder and CEO of Ajax Union, LinkedIn Expert, Author, Speaker, Connector, Entrepreneur, and AI Expert, reveals how to save time & money with the right AI marketing strategy and thrive in eCommerce.


Ajax Union is a B2B Digital Marketing Agency based in Brooklyn, NY, offering SEM, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Marketing Automation, Business Blogging, Marketing Funnel Development, Design, and development solutions for their clients.

The expert team teaches clients how to build a marketing funnel and automate marketing processes.

If you need to leverage LinkedIn to generate meaningful conversations, Evyrgreen is the right place for learning. Joe Apfelbaum and his colleague, Tami Joy Schlichter, created courses and webinars to help consultants, coaches, and sales professionals get the best out of LinkedIn and use it most efficiently in daily business.

Joe Apfelbaum, CEO & Founder of Ajax Union, certified Google and LinkedIn trainer, author of 20 published books and written articles about digital marketing, professional networking, and personal development, speaker, connector, entrepreneur, and AI expert, enjoys sharing his knowledge about marketing strategies and helping entrepreneurs reach their goals through his seminars, webinars, and articles.


Key Takeaways

[ 00:00:00 ] Introducing Joe Apfelbaum, the founder and CEO of Ajax Union, author, speaker, LinkedIn, and AI expert and entrepreneur.

[ 00:00:40 ] Where did the idea for founding Ajax Union come from?

[ 00:00:45] The journey from building websites to getting traffic.

[ 00:00:52 ] “You know, people started asking me, Joe, what’s going on. You built me a website. I’m not getting traffic.”

[ 00:01:17] What does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) do for your website?

[ 00:01:40] “It turns out that more people are interested in getting traffic to their website than people wanting to get their website built, to begin with.”

[ 00:02:08] Why is it essential to get the right traffic on your website?

[ 00:02:20 ] By getting the right people, you’re getting the correct type of clients and, therefore, growing profitable revenue.

[ 00:02:34 ] What should every eCommerce business needs to know about marketing campaigns?

[ 00:02:49 ] “The most important thing is to have a written strategy. A lot of the time, eCommerce business owners have an idea of what they want, but they’re not very clear about your cost per acquisition. How many clients are you looking for? What is your churn rate? What is your average lifetime value? How do you get a larger lifetime value from your customers?.”

[ 00:03:23] Your biggest clients will be those who have already done business with you.

[ 00:03:51 ] Is it necessary to have an extensive budget for a good and efficient marketing campaign? And how much time does it take to see results?

[ 00:04:04 ] “Your budget would be determined by what your goal is as a business. If you want to have a lot of revenue, then you need a little bit of a bigger budget.”

[ 00:05:19 ] Do you need to do every type of marketing?

[ 00:05:30 ] Find out where your ideal customers are hanging out.

[ 00:05:50 ] “When you start learning where they are, how they hang out, and the behaviors they have, then you can start crafting the right messaging in the right places to start getting more traction.”

[ 00:06:28 ] How can AI help you in your marketing campaigns?

[ 00:06:49 ] How about ChatGPT?

[ 00:07:31 ] What’s the best marketing channel for eCommerce businesses?

[ 00:07:42 ] Where to start marketing campaigns if your customers use Google, and what’s the best channel if you sell more expensive products?

[ 00:07:57] What if your products or services are not based on user intent?

[ 00:08:16] “You need to advertise on Facebook and target your people based on who they are instead of what they’re thinking instead of what they’re doing right now.”

[ 00:09:26 ] What is education-based marketing, and how can it help eCommerce businesses?

[ 00:10:08 ] What are the highly productive channels with a good ROI for eCommerce companies?

[ 00:10:21 ] How to use LinkedIn as a channel, and what is the best strategy?

[ 00:10:48 ] “Linkedin is a great platform because the people that are on Linkedin are real.”

[ 00:11:20 ] “If you’re selling a $27 product, go to Facebook, go to Instagram, but if you’re selling a product for $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000, LinkedIn is a great place because you know who you’re talking to. Your target market is on LinkedIn.”

[ 00:12:00 ] How to combine LinkedIn Ads with organic clicks?

[ 00:12:08 ] How to create a strategy for LinkedIn?

[ 00:12:43 ] Where to find high-value customers?

[ 00:13:46 ] What’s the recipe for reaching 40.000 followers on LinkedIn?

[ 00:14:28 ] “I make millions of dollars in my business because I’m getting the right people to see my posts.”

[ 00:15:47 ] Did the trends change over the past two years, and what can we expect this year?

[ 00:16:40 ] Why is the future in AI?

[ 00:17:33 ] What’s the most common mistake eCommerce businesses make?

[ 00:18:03 ] What happens to those who don’t have a marketing strategy?

[ 00:18:16 ] What role does automation play in businesses and marketing?

[ 00:19:21 ] What is the best way to use AI?

[ 00:19:40 ] Does Joe use automation in his business?

[ 00:20:54 ] Who has taught Joe the most about marketing and inspired him?

Joe Apfelbaum’s No.1 eCom Operations hack

“If you’re selling a $27 product, go to Facebook, go to Instagram, but if you’re selling a product for $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000, LinkedIn is a great place because you know who you’re talking to. Your target market is on LinkedIn.”

eCom Ops Podcast Quote, Joe Apfelbaum, Founder and CEO of Ajax Union

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