Revolutionary Online Financing for eCom Entrepreneurs with Jan Lastuvka, CEO & Founder at Lemonero

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Jan Lastuvka, CEO and Founder at Lemonero, joins the eCom Ops Podcast. They delve into eCom SMBs, eCom lending, and how Lemonero revolutionizes online financing. 

Key Facts

  • Jan’s LinkedIn
  • Jan is an experienced entrepreneur skilled in eCommerce, Fintech, and entrepreneurship
  • Lemonero’s website 
  • Lemonero is the fastest-growing, award-winning European platform for eCommerce and Omnichannel. It is an AI-driven digital lending platform for eCommerce merchants that provides fast and flexible revenue-based financing for SMB merchants. Merchants get funded from €1,000 to €200,000 and automatically repay with a fixed percentage of daily sales
  • Jan holds a Bachelor of Economics, Marketing, and Business from VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
  • Jan is an experienced entrepreneur and business executive. He founded MonkeyData, an eCommerce analytics company with 30 000 customers in thirty-plus countries. He is an international speaker focused on Fintech, eCommerce, data, and AI (he has spoken at events in Austin (USA), Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Athens, and Prague)

Key Takeaways

  • [ 00:03:55 ] More than eighty percent of eCom SMBs have a problem with access to working and growth capital. Even if they have access to capital from the banks, it takes a lot of paperwork and time to validate
  • [ 00:06:00 ] Lemonero’s data-driven scoring model with AI prediction features can validate the business better and bring more value to it
  • [ 00:06:15 ] Lemonero also solved the problem of access to working capital in terms of timing. It takes only ten minutes for a money transfer. You get money straight to your bank account from the comfort of your home
  • [ 00:10:09 ] 90 percent of capital SMBs get financing from Lemonero to get inventory. Secondly, for marketing, and finally, for cash flow. 
  • [ 00:16:37 ] Some important metrics to keep an eye on a daily: 
    • Cashflow
    • Revenue
    • The margin of the product
    • Cost efficiency
  •  [ 00:17:43 ] Don’t be afraid to make a decision. Especially when you discover a problem in your eCom business
  •  [ 00:18:36 ] Don’t be afraid to ask more experienced eCom entrepreneurs for guidance. However, don’t be afraid to make a mistake
  • [ 00:20:03] Cash is king when it comes to eCom. Always be in touch with your cash flow

Jan’s No.1 eCom Operations hack

“Choose products made from materials that can be easily sourced and have a low impact on the environment”.


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