Multiply Your eCommerce Store’s Virality with Jay Gibb, Founder, and CEO of CloudSponge

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Jay Gibb, Founder, and CEO of CloudSponge, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how CloudSponge and the Contact Picker Tool is helping eCommerce stores, the power of word of mouth and referral programs, and tips to add the virality effect to your eCommerce store. 


Key Facts


Key Takeaways

  • Jay started his professional journey at Stargenix as a Firmware and Software Engineer
  • Throughout his software development career, Jay worked with renowned companies such as Stargenix, Smart Card Integrators, and Modern Media  
  • In 2001, Jay joined Arizona Bay as Principal Engineer and five years later became a Partner and CTO
  • In 2008, Jay laid the foundation of CloudSponge
  • Through CloudSponge, Jay aims to multiply eCommerce stores virality by improving sharing volume and increasing referral email open rates 
  • Jay believes that by increasing sharing volume and by improving referral emails any business can do wonders, especially in the eCommerce marketplace
  • With CloudSponge you can; 
    • Personalise referral/affiliate emails
    • Send personalised emails to your contacts from the address book 
    • Create custom emails/messages with your brand name
    • Optimise eCom operations and sales through CloudSponge analytics 
  • CloudSponge helps in optimising eCommerce stores by a word of mouth marketing strategy. Jay describes that the word of mouth marketing strategy attains a virality effect, while drastically cutting down resource costs 
  • CloudSponge provides the integration facility for eCom stores who are already running a referral/affiliate program. Jay recommends the best programs to eCom stores who don’t have an existing referral program 
  • CloudSponge’s Contact Picker Tool helps the users save time and automates the emailing process 
  • CloudSponge’s personalised feature helps users identify both email senders and recipients 
  • CloudSponge helps eCommerce stores decrease customer acquisition costs and increase sales through open rates, optimised content sharing per user, and in-depth analytics and reports
  • CloudSponge’s analytics helps you assess your eCommerce performance and campaign success rate


No.1 operation’s hack

Jay’s operations hacks are:

Increase referral emails to get extended organic traffic on your site that you can convert into shoppers


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