Mastering eCommerce Customer Service and Support with GQ Fu of LTVplus

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GQ Fu, Co-founder and CEO of LTVplus, jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share the significance and revolution of eCommerce customer services, how he keeps his customers’ satisfied and automation techniques of the customers’ experience. 

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Key Facts

Key Takeaways

  • GQ stepped into eCommerce at the end of 2017 when the concept of outsourcing live chat was introduced. At the time, GQ became interested in providing a live support solution. Back then GQ focused on the live chat support solution towards SAAS and eCommerce businesses, where most of the clientele was Shopify and Shopify plus stores
  • Based on the tremendous success and clients’ acknowledgement that LTVplus received from the eCommerce world, LTVplus directed all its energies and strategies into facilitating eCommerce. What changed during this time was that the advantage that SAAS customers had been bringing to online business was starting to disappear. They were no longer the major drivers of the business
  • LTVplus schedules consultation calls to understand the clients’ needs and queries and observe the underlying opportunities that LTVplus can adopt to refine their processes. For example, if a store comes in for an email support system and realises that it lacks live chat, LTVplus recommends its inclusion into the website. The observations then go through a pros and cons extraction process and are executed, keeping the observation and results in mind
  • Generally, the core language of the business world is English. Despite this, LTVplus remains open to incorporating additional skilled personnel to meet high communication standards by including the solutions facilitation in various languages. LTVplus is currently operating in German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Swedish and Norwegian as well as  English  
  • The payment procedure at LTVplus is usually done via an agent. Although these agents are an outsourced unit, they are still well connected with the employer which allows these employers to feel as if they have hired an in-house resource 
  • Timely responses to the queries in the chatbox have a massive impact on customers engagement. LTVplus usually tries to respond to customers’ queries within 30 seconds
  • This response time also helps a lot in the conversion rate. It is important to speak to people and connect with them in an extended way, so that unconvinced leads are persuaded to become customers
  • In GQ’s eyes, a business leader must understand how to scale well within the market along with the realisation of how much of the customer experience can be automated

GQ’s biggest influences

GQ’s biggest influence is his customers and partners. He believes that unless you get into the roots of the business, you can’t learn. GQ thanks his partners and customers for his greatest learnings.

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