Mastering After-Sales Service to Fuel eCom Customer Retention with Amit RG, CEO at Richpanel

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Amit RG, CEO at Richpanel, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss Amit’s journey into eCommerce, SAAS-based software solution to streamline eCommerce customer support, and the importance of focusing on customer experience.

Key Facts

  • Amit’s LinkedIn
  • Amit is a member of RevGenius
  • Amit is the CEO of Richpanel
  • Richpanel website 
  • Richpanel is launched through Y Combinator 
  • Richpanel is an eCommerce customer experience and support platform. 
  • Richpanel aims to reposition eCommerce customer support and is one of the fastest-growing DTC (direct to customers) brands. 


Key Takeaways 

  • [0:18- 1:55] Amit started his eCommerce journey in 2012 from iksula as a Partner. Currently, he is the CEO of Richpanel.
  • [1:57- 4:17] He believes that customer support is not just a service, but a part of the product itself. He shares that Richpanel aims to offer a state-of-the-art customer support experience.
  • He mentions Amazon and Uber as the best customer support case studies for eCommerce stores to learn from.
  • [6:28: 7:40] Richpanel offers a SAAS-based software solution for its eCom clients, which helps them to resolve 60-70% of the customer’s queries through a self-service portal.
  • Amit believes that if the major part of customer’s queries solutions is automated, the eCom stores can further concentrate on crafting revenue generation strategies.
  • [9:57-11:08] Amit believes in value-based pricing (a strategy of setting prices primarily based on a customer’s perceived value of a product or service). Amit ensures that Richpanel’s offerings follow a value-based pricing model
  • [11:34-12:18] Amit plans to keep Richpanel’s first two years focused on finding the product that fits and addresses the market needs. Secondly, he would be focusing on hiring skilled resources, as he believes that skillful teams fuel up the company’s growth.
  • He further shares that it’s very important for any eCommerce brand to understand its product and offering before launching into the market. According to him, this helps the companies to position their brand appropriately.
  • [15:03-16:18] Amit believes that after-sales services such as customer support, product feedback, and reviews are equally important as initial promotional and marketing campaigns. He shares that while marketing campaigns help in generating new customers, the after-sales service helps in customer retention.
  • [17:36:18:36] Amit believes that over the years automation has become a major part of eCommerce success. The eCom stores should focus on automating the critical aspects of their eCom operations such as customer support.


No.1 eCom operations hack 

For the best customer experience, don’t only focus on the marketing campaigns or releasing a new product, but also focus on the after-sales services such as customer experience, feedback, and reviews.




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