Master B2B eCom Operations with Brian Beck, Managing Partner at Enceiba and Author of ‘Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce’

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Brian Beck, leading B2B eCommerce Expert, Advisor, and Author, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss Brian’s journey into eCommerce, the importance of B2B eCommerce presence on Amazon, and the tips on mastering the B2B eCom Operations.

Key Facts:

  • Brian’s LinkedIn
  • Brian owns a company named Enceiba
  • Enceiba is the only outsourced Amazon management partner focused exclusively on building and operating Amazon programs for manufacturers and brands
  • Brian is also the author of Billion Dollar B2B E-Commerce, which is a step-by-step guide for executives that are seeking to launch and grow a successful B2B eCommerce operation
  • Brian co-hosts  Master B2B Un-Webinars 
  • Brian is also a leading B2B eCommerce expert who helps businesses to sell their products on several e-retailers including Amazon 


Key takeaways:

  • [0:50-2:00] Brian has been associated with the eCom industry for the past two decades. During this period, he worked with several US-based eCommerce companies.
  • In 2019, Brian and his partner explored the underrated opportunity for the B2B category on Amazon, which led to the foundation of Enceiba.
  • [2:10-3:28] Through Enceiba, Brian aims to help eCommerce manufacturers and product owners establish their presence and positioning on Amazon. He also helps the eCommerce owners in finding out the right strategy and approach to market their B2B business online
  • He shares that 70% of online buyers’ search is routed toward Amazon. This has made Amazon a key player in B2B eCommerce and a flagship marketing partner for any B2B eCom company
  • Brian shares that his clients have experienced tremendous results from marketing their B2B businesses through Enceiba.
  • [4:20-4:40] Brian shares how his book “Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce” can help executives to streamline B2B eCommerce operations.
  • He shares that has shared everything he learned throughout his two decades of eCom journey in this book of 400 pages which he wrote in 4 years.
  • [10:00- 12:39] Brian shares the fundamentals through which B2B businesses can be successful on Amazon: 
    • Content Creation: The product content including multiple images, descriptions, titles, and “how to use” should be thoroughly created on the product page. He mentions that the product page should itself feel like a catalog to the buyer. 
    • Product Quality: The quality of the product should be premium and should match the claims shared on the product page.
    • After-Sales Service: The after-sales service including shipment timelines, product packaging, and customer support plays an important role in customers satisfaction.
    • Customer Reviews: The eCom owners should devise a process to thank customers for their reviews and should refrain from posting unnecessary fake reviews. 
  • [20:38-21:32] Through B2B Un-Webinars, Brian and his partner want to change the ideology of webinars. He shares that since webinars have become boring, they have introduced boxing theme debates, where they keep viewers engaged through public reviews
  • [23:00-23:25] Brian believes that amidst the current digital era, where automation is the key to expanding businesses, presence on automation-oriented marketplaces like Amazon plays a key role in B2B business success


No.1 eCom hack 

“Content, Quality, and After-Sales Service” 

Brian believes that if a B2B eCommerce company lives by the rules of content, quality, and after-sales service, nothing can stop it from being successful.


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