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Ryan Hogan of Hunt A Killer jumped into The eCom Ops Podcast to share his knowledge and experience improving customer experience strategies. Check out all the other episodes here.

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First venture into eCommerce

Ryan Hogan started his venture by conducting live gaming events. However, Ryan and his partner soon realized that there was no opportunity of growth by having yearly events and decided to launch an eCommerce business by selling subscription boxes to similar niche.

All about Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer is an entertainment service where the company sells physical items such as clues, objects, and letters from a fictional serial killer and allows the gamers to crack a mystery. Each game/season of the Hunt A Killer spans over 6 episodes. The user has to solve each episode to land on the season finale and ultimately, progress to the next season. The game is built on Shopify and utilizes the services of Amazon to manage the subscriptions. 

Interestingly, Hunt A Killer does not rely on third-party logistics services for the packaging of their boxes. Instead, they have a team of around 35 – 40 staff who handle the fulfillment procedures. Each box is packaged according to the episode the user requires and may not be possible to outsource due to customization issues. 

The goal for the next 12 months is to streamline processes and improve efficiencies. 

Their recent achievements

The company fulfilled 33,423 boxes in a single week – a record subscription for Hunt a Killer. Ryan plans to enhance the business and take it to other vendors, including Barnes & Nobles by next year. 

How Hunt A Killer handles challenges and criticism?

Similar to any other eCommerce service, Ryan and his team also face multiple issues throughout their operations including technical problems. Luckily, they have a group of great technicians who take care of glitches in a timely manner. They also enlist the feedback from consumers through a Facebook group and focus on solving their queries to improve their processes. 

Automation process

Ryan finds automated processes fascinating. It has also lowered the complaints due to the rapid response. However, the importance of a human touch cannot be denied and thus, the requirement for human workers remains in every aspect of the company. 

Ryan’s biggest influence: 

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