HR in eCommerce: Secrets to Hiring the Winning Team

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The eCom Ops Podcast, HR in eCommerce: Secrets to Hiring the Winning Team with Julien Nowak, Founder of JPNB Consulting

In this exciting episode of our eCom Ops podcast, we delve into the realms of strategic recruitment for e-commerce businesses with our distinguished guest, Julien Nowak, founder of JPNB Consulting. With a wealth of experience in the field and a unique journey into the world of e-commerce recruitment, Julien shares his expertise and industry insights that can help e-commerce businesses overcome their staffing challenges.


Julien is a dedicated professional passionate about helping online business owners thrive and expand their operations. With a strong background in hiring, onboarding, and managing top talent, he has spent the past three years successfully assisting entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses.

Julien’s expertise lies in understanding the specific needs of online businesses and tailoring his strategies to optimize team performance. Through his work, he has played a vital role in enabling companies to navigate challenges such as the ongoing pandemic and emerge stronger than ever.

JPNB Consulting Ltd is an esteemed international consultancy specializing in empowering Ecommerce, Digital Agencies, and SaaS companies. With a global presence and a diverse client base from countries across the globe, including Canada, France, the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, and more, JPNB Consulting has earned a reputation for driving positive change in web businesses worldwide.

The company’s primary focus is on enhancing team performance and assisting organizations in restructuring their teams to adapt and succeed in the face of the current pandemic. As leaders in e-commerce, digital marketing, and SaaS industries, businesses choose to partner with JPNB Consulting to experience substantial improvements in their team’s productivity and overall success.

The Key Takeaways

Demystifying e-commerce recruitment:

  • Julien’s firm, JPNB Consulting, provides crucial guidance in the complex recruitment process for e-commerce businesses and marketing agencies, aiming to source the most suitable talent for each client.
  • The firm’s enduring goal is to aid business owners in enlisting the best personnel, despite the inherent intricacies involved.

Julien’s transition into e-commerce recruitment:

  • Julien’s transition from law to e-commerce recruitment was a rewarding deviation, instigated by his role as Chief of Staff for a friend’s Amazon FBA business.
  • This newfound expertise eventually catalyzed the creation of his business, JPNB Consulting.

Creating a ‘Candidate Portrait’ to identify the right fit:

  • Julien’s distinctive recruitment approach involves comprehending his client’s business needs and objectives, which he then translates into a comprehensive ‘candidate portrait.’
  • He utilizes key performance indicators (KPIs) to transmute business needs into explicit skillsets, knowledge, and attitudes that the ideal candidate must possess.
  • This unique methodology revolutionizes recruitment by converting abstract business needs into concrete candidate requirements.

Adopting a more analytical recruitment approach:

  • Julien encourages an analytical over an intuitive approach to recruitment, aimed at forecasting a candidate’s future performance based on their skills, knowledge, and attitude.
  • This data-driven method prevents recruitment decisions based on emotion or instinct, instead providing high-quality candidates.
  • The analytical approach consequently boosts the overall standard of hired personnel.

The significance of employer branding and quality content:

  • Julien accentuates the importance of employer branding and the caliber of content in luring suitable candidates.
  • Companies need to respect and understand candidates’ time and potential, demonstrated through all phases of the recruitment process, to retain top candidates’ interest.
  • Exceptional employer branding and high-grade content form key strategies in attracting and retaining talented prospects.

Promoting the position and organization:

  • Julien stresses the necessity of ‘selling’ the job and organization to prospective candidates, particularly for bootstrap businesses.
  • Showcasing the founder as a successful mentoring figure can be an influential tactic to attract high-caliber candidates.
  • This sales-oriented approach assists in attracting the best candidates by emphasizing the potential for personal growth and development.

The multifaceted role of a founder:

  • A founder’s role extends beyond merely leading their startup; they are integral to marketing and brand storytelling.
  • Ensuring the founder’s visibility across diverse business areas is crucial for cohesive branding and organizational perception.
  • The founder is not only the leader of the startup but also a significant player in its marketing and brand representation.

Building a strong team for e-commerce business scaling:

  • Depending on a founder’s focus, investments may be required in a marketing or operations director to ensure optimal scaling.
  • Effective marketers can significantly boost business growth, while an operations director can oversee everyday tasks, ensuring smooth business operations.
  • Team composition is key to successfully scaling an e-commerce business, necessitating strategic investment decisions.

Avoiding the ‘Cracking Point’ trap:

  • Growing e-commerce businesses must fortify their operational systems and processes before reaching the ‘cracking point,’ a stage characterized by issues arising from system weaknesses.
  • This preventative approach reduces the risk of operational failure as businesses scale.
  • Anticipating and managing the ‘cracking point’ is crucial to maintaining stability and success in the e-commerce sector.

How recruitment impacts profits:

  • Like in a sports team, e-commerce businesses must be selective during recruitment, as their team’s makeup can drastically affect success levels.
  • Effective recruitment can profoundly influence the growth and profits of the business, underscoring the importance of meticulous hiring processes.
  • The connection between the recruitment process and profit margins highlights the critical role of hiring in a business’s success trajectory.

The pros and cons of remote work:

  • The shift towards remote work opens up a global talent pool for businesses and brings challenges.
  • Management of different time zones and ensuring honest and effective performance from team members can present difficulties in a remote working setup.
  • While the benefits of remote work are considerable, so are the unique challenges, requiring effective strategies for management and communication.

AI’s role in the modern workspace:

  • AI is increasingly viewed as a productivity booster in the workspace, similar to the introduction of machinery in agriculture.
  • Instead of taking jobs away, AI is expected to automate routine tasks and increase the productivity of efficient employees.
  • As AI continues to evolve, its potential to streamline tasks and improve productivity in the workplace is becoming increasingly apparent.

Upcoming trends in e-commerce:

  • Future trends in e-commerce include the increasing adaptation to remote work, ongoing digital transformations, and the integration of AI into various processes.
  • These trends and tools must be employed judiciously and effectively to ensure they deliver the intended benefits.
  • Further digital innovations and the wise implementation of emerging technologies and practices will shape the future of e-commerce.

The No.1 eCom Operations hack

“Selecting the right person is very important in eCommerce because they handle a lot with few people. Therefore, they have a huge impact, reverse proportional in relation to the size of the business.”

The eCom Ops Podcast quote Julien Nowak, Founder of JPNB Consulting

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