How To Process Automation in eCommerce with Dominic Flint of Pure Cut Supplements

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Dominic Flint (aka Nick Flint), CEO of Pure Cut Supplements jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast and shared his journey of flourishing his brand through eComm, his marketing strategy, how to process automation successfully and his plans for 2021. Check out all the other episodes of eCommerce operationshere.

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Nick’s journey into eCommerce

Nick graduated from the University of South Florida. During his education, he worked on developing supplements and he came up with an idea of distributing samples before marketing a complete product. 

In 2015, he started his Subscription Box Company and reached out to different supplements manufacturers. Nick invested two years in developing and growing the company. However, the business couldn’t generate profit with only 200 subscribers, so it gradually died.

In 2017, Nick founded an established company ‘Pure Cut Supplements’ which was also in its struggling phase. He discussed their entire process and gathered all eCommerce related information from the owner. Later he bought its whole inventory for 300 bucks and started working on the areas that needed modification.

Initially, Nick made one sale every 2 to 3 days, but later, the pace picked up after aggressive marketing through Instagram. Now, the company has added more products to its line and is gradually expanding to the wholesale market.

Pure Cut Supplements Marketing strategy

Nick shared insights into the importance of marketing; he believes that brand quality builds trust and repeat purchases. Brand awareness is very important when you offer the highest quality product, you will be appreciated, and sales will eventually increase.  

He expressed his concerns about showing the retailer’s details on the website as it gives credibility to your product. Still, Nick is in the initial phase of stocking and is figuring out the process of stocking the whole line of products in retail shops. At the moment, he is focused on making a relationship with the Brick and mortar store. 

Along with the ongoing hype of the brand, Nick is focused on increasing his outreach on Amazon. Since he has limited experience in the field, he is reaching out to various eCom experts to help him with marketing strategies and techniques to generate leads.

Pure Cut Supplements automation processes 

They have a manual process of stocking and distributing through using various mediums of communication. Nick is planning on implementing one method of communication and the idea of pre-paid orders. He uses to plan and schedule social media posts one week ahead of time. 

Nick uses Klaviyo to better his customer experience, he has a flow set up that coincides with segmented campaigns to reach out to people interested in buying products. 

He has also incorporated a live chat function using Tidio into his website to better customer engagement. When someone visits his website, an automated message is generated within a few seconds offering a discount on their first purchase. This technique has generated more responses for Pure Cut Supplements than typical popups. 

The shipping and packaging process is manual at the moment because Nick likes to personalize each package and add a healthy snack to the box to advertise more products. However, the conversions haven’t generated much profit, and it is still in the experimental phase. 

Plans for the next year

Nick has the next 12 months planned, he aims to start with the renaming of his first product ‘Cocaine Fitness’ due to advertising restrictions on prominent platforms such as Google Adwords and Amazon. 

He aims to extend his stock and introduce five new products into the market, including few healthy snacks, protein powder as well as electrolyte supplements since people are more conscious of health benefits during extreme weather. 

Nick plans on pushing marketing tactics by sharing more alerts on social media and expanding the company’s reach through paid ads. He wants to start aggressively reaching out to retailers and devise a plan for restocking different products in retail shops. Nick is excited to sell on Amazon, and he is already thinking of ways to increase brand awareness. 

Nick’s biggest influence:

Nick couldn’t think of one person who taught him the most, and instead, he gave credit to multiple, including the previous owner of Pure Cut Supplements. He shared that Shopify Master and Podcasts have helped him in his journey by sharing instructions and useful tips.

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