How to Optimise Advertising Budget Creatively for eCom with Yahav Hartman of Madgicx

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Yahav Hartman, Co-Founder and CEO of Madgicx, jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share insights on digital marketing trends,  how advertising budget can be optimised and how to analyse the creatives for better consumer prospecting. Check out other episodes here.

  • Yahav Hartman’s LinkedIn
  • Madgicx website
  • Madgicx is currently dealing with 200 million dollars in Google, and Facebook ad spend
  • Yahav worked at Emarsys for four years
  • Emarsys sold for over half a billion euros to SAP
  • AdExpresso was the first-ever app to offer Facebook marketing API

Key Takeways:

  • Madgicx is a tool to optimise advertising expenses
  • Madgicx has the vision to make advertising budget more profitable for brands 
  • Madgicx operates mainly on Facebook and Google. Although it is planning to expand into more channels 
  • Yahav started his career at Emarsys, an email marketing company 
  • It was at Emarsys that Yahav explored his passion for the advertising business
  • The fancy budgets are what drew Yahav to advertising. He was intrigued by how much money is being spent on different platforms 
  • With a change of interest, Yahav left Emarsys to start his ad agency. He only catered to customers with at least 6-8 clients and monthly expenditure of over 100k dollars. Later he realised that the ad agency is not very saleable and decided to start Madgicx.
  • Madgicx gives its users the knowledge and the advertising tools essential to succeed with Facebook and Google Ads
  • The main areas of Madgicx are creation, automation, and analytics. Although, on the side, there are a lot of different solutions on Madgicx that help you to optimise your performance
  • Google and Facebook have their native ad platforms but using them requires time and strategy. This is why companies hire ad agencies. Here, Madgicx plays its role by helping businesses and ad agencies to strategise and run successful ad campaigns 
  • They work a little differently from AdExpresso as they are not keen to replicate Facebook ad manager’s functionality but add layers to it
  • Madgicx also offers creative insights, creative briefing, and creative fatigue. AI plays a major role in this. Through such functions, the users know which elements are driving performance in their ad and how different creative work for different audiences 
  • Madgicx also offers automation tactics. You can create and launch an advertising strategy. This would cover all the campaigns focusing on the audience that the company should be targeting Madgicx is a holistic approach to optimising your ads. As it encapsulates the functionality of seven different technologies at affordable rates
  • Madgicx bring prospecting, remarketing, retargeting, retention on one platform
  • Three basic areas of Madgicx are: It helps you to automate strategy, optimise budget, and analyses the creative performance
  • Yahav suggest businesses to adapt work class marketing and advertising technology for result-oriented solutions
  • Yahav looks at automation with the lens of AI and believes that it should be outsourced to do repeated tasks. This gives humans more time and energy to work on strategic tasks

Who has taught Yahav the most about eCom?

Yahav had a detailed answer to this question. He claimed that as he transitioned through businesses, so did his mentors. At Emarsys, he looked up to his manager. It was under his influence that he strengthened his product skills and learned about eCom. While working in the ad agency, he looked up to MUTESIX, which is a world-class ad agency. Currently, with Madgicx, he looks up to companies with the same business models generating yearly revenue of over 100 million.


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