How Advertising Can Boost eCommerce Sales and ROI with Justin Gecevicius, Co-Founder of AdKings Agency

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Justin Gecevicius, Co-Founder of AdKing’s Agency, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share his journey from online marketing analyst to eCommerce investor, the link between advertising and increased ROI, and how to develop your eCom stores as a brand. 

Key facts

  • Justin’s LinkedIn
  • AdKings Agency’s website
  • AdKings was established in 2018
  • AdKings is an industry-leading eCommerce Facebook Ads Growth Agency 
  • AdKings developed “Everest”, which is an eCommerce growth framework
  • Through “Everest”, AdKings helps clients in strengthening their eCommerce cash flows
  • Justin is the Founder of Project Unfollowable 

Kay takeaways

  • Justin started his career journey as a Volunteer Vice President of Business Development in the National Board of AIESEC in Lithuania 
  • Justin’s digital journey started at Fabula Hill + Knowlton Strategies where he worked as an Online Marketing Analyst in 2017
  • Digital Marketing inspired Justin to such an extent that in 2016 he started freelancing as a Consultant for Online Businesses 
  • During his tenure as a Consultant for Online Businesses, Justin helped companies with their social marketing needs by building shops, developing websites, and running ad campaigns 
  • To further strengthen his footprint in the digital and eCommerce space, Justin started his own eCom store 
  • In 2018, Justin and his friends created AdKings, which aims to solve digital marketing issues for online businesses
  • Justin believes that staying focused and consistent with digital marketing can help online businesses to acquire a distinct spot in the online sphere 
  • Justin keeps business development and advertising as core factors for online business success. Through AdKings, Justin aims to consult online businesses on the above core factors 
  • Justin says that AdKings have helped several businesses scale up to eight digits through the right advertising tools 
  • AdKings work as a remote team and meet on a bi-annual basis
  • Justin believes that utilising user acquisition channels is crucial in today’s competitive markets. Channels like Facebook attract potential buyers into purchasing your products and services. Justin loves Facebook as a user acquisition channel 
  • Justin advises eCom stores to maximise the benefits of using social media platforms. “Social media ads marketing might seem costly at first, but they are sure to drive results” 
  • Social ads marketing has become an integral part of eCommerce marketing strategy 
  • Justin advises entrepreneurs to understand the difference between selling on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay and running their own eCommerce store 
  • Justin emphasises the quality of ads content. He says that quality helps with conversion and better ROI 

Justin’s biggest influence

Justin’s biggest influence in life isn’t just one person or organization. He thinks there are a lot of business owners and institutions from whom he learned during his entire professional life. 

Justin’s No.1 operation’s hack

Justin is an advocate of using an ‘involved team culture’. He believes that happy teams drive greater success for a company, because if they are not happy, they won’t be able to give the time, energy and attention that a business needs.

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