Growing eCommerce Through Discounts and Donations Strategy Mix with Andrew Forman, Founder and CEO at Givz

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Andrew Forman, Founder and CEO at Givz, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share his journey from Investment Banker to fundraiser, discuss how Givz (a SaaS-based company) helps eCommerce stores increase ROI, and tips on winning the customer’s loyalty.

Key facts

  • Andrew’s LinkedIn
  • Givz’s website
  • Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Givz 
  • Andrew founded Givz in 2017
  • Givz is a SaaS-based company that helps eCommerce stores increase sales and traffic through engaging customers in charity offers 
  • Andrew is a former Senior Analyst and a Senior Associate at Portico Capital 
  • Andrews is a former Treasure at Global Goodness 
  • Andrew is a former Analyst for Bank of America 
  • Andrew holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School  
  • Besides a MBA, Andrew has a Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (Honors), and Economics (Honors) degree from Hamilton College

Key takeaways:

  • After completing his bachelor’s degree, Andrew started his professional career as a Summer Analyst at Merrill Lynch. Throughout his experience in investment banking, Andrew has worked with renowned organizations such as Bank of America and Global Goodness
  • Andrew worked in the finance industry for seven years, after which he pursued his Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 2015
  • After completing his studies and serving as a treasurer at Global Goodness (a non-profit organization), Andrew combined his education and work experience to develop Givz. Givz began as a discount offer portal but later shifted to fundraising and donations
  • Recently, Givz emerged as a marketing tool for eCommerce stores. Givz helps eCommerce stores increase sales and traffic through engaging consumers in charitable devices that they can opt for with each purchase  
  • Givz is a SAAS-based company that offers free as well as monthly pricing plans for eCommerce stores 
  • Givz business model is based on the purchase limit and consumer basket size. Spending more than a predefined amount gives the customer a chance to contribute to donations. This way, Givz gets paid for every purchase that amounts higher than the predefined amount set by the store
  • Renowned brands such as Hyundai, H&M, and Milani are some of the many brands that Givz has collaborated with to uplift their CSR (corporate social responsibility) positioning. Givz boosts their customer engagement and increases their order value by making it a charitable purchase 
  • Partnering with renowned brands has helped increase customers’ trust and loyalty towards Givz. Givz has also increased their partner’s conversion rates and improved their ROI 
  • Andrew believes that the secret behind Givz collaborations with such renowned brands is networking. These big names have helped hit a large customer base for Givz, as consumers love to be a part of fundraising campaigns and activities related to famous companies and prominent brands
  • As Givz is a SaaS-based company, it can integrate with any software such as Shopify and other eCommerce apps
  • Andrew plans to position Givz as an app that the public can download and use independently at their convenience
  • Until 2020, Givz has been operating manually. However, in 2021 Andrew plans to integrate automation into Givz eCom operations. To make Givz operation seamless in 2021, they have hired more engineers 

Andrew’s biggest influence

  • TJ Mahony Partner at Accomplice VC. Andrew shares that TJ Mahony’s knowledge and skills have changed his life 

Andrew’s No.1 operation’s hack

“Distribute customers’ offers into discounts and donations for more impact.” Helped many businesses to advance their sales by more than 100% because it presents a better version of their work supported with a great cause.

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